Letter: UAW chose to back the wrong candidate this presidential election

Wonderful, the UAW has just endorsed President Joe Biden, a man whose policies will cut 40% of their jobs when the auto industries switch over to electric vehicles. Actually, it will most likely cost even more jobs, as the American public does not want and will not buy a vehicle which will leave them stranded with a discharged battery that can take hours to recharge.

But that is OK with the union bosses, who have to cuddle up to the socialist Democrats that are running the Democrat party these days.

Take a look at our borders. The illegals are swarming in and being welcomed by the Democratic Party as future voters as replacements for the Black and Hispanic voters they are losing due to their effort to turn our country into a socialist–communist people’s republic.

Obviously, Biden is not running the government at this time. It is Obama and his crew of communists who are really calling the shots in the background.

Only a complete and total defeat of the Democrats in the next general election will save our country.

Kenneth E. Harris



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