Letter: Reminder about destiny for all of the ‘lost souls’

Souls lost because Satan say you have lots of time.

Devil here to steal, kill and destroy everyone’s life.

He goes around like a roaring lion laughing loudly. Ha ha!

He leads a lot of lost souls to hell.

There’s no praying them back.

They’ll be there for eternity, no turning back.

A version of hell, dark shadowing spirits.

Its smoke and flames dancing around with

Horrifying sounds, screaming souls, thrashing of teeth.

No water to quench their thirsty souls.

The smell of burning flesh being tortured

In a blood bath, swivel flash all around a dark pit of no return.

The screaming demons from hell.

Torment for all eternity.

If you think for one minute

You’re going to find your loved ones or friends there.

The Bible doesn’t say that.

When you deny Jesus Christ you deny God’s Son.

There is a place called hell.

Only by God’s Son you can get to heaven.

If you’re not of God, you’re of the devil.

Arlene Lee Bachman

Van Wert


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