Judge candidates address Allen County Republicans

LIMA —Two candidates for local office spoke at the Allen County Republican Luncheon on Friday at the Lima Eagles Lodge.

John Payne and Rick Eddy, who are running against one another for the Republican nomination for a spot on Lima Municipal Court, talked about their experience and backgrounds as a Lima Municipal Court Magistrate and a Lima City Prosecutor, respectively, to a room of about 150 people.

“I thought I was able to get my message out,” said Eddy. “I tried to hammer home my extensive courtroom experience and I think when it comes to being in court conducting a hearing, the experience I have doing that on a daily basis for over two decades is crucial.”

“I think it was well received,” said Payne. “I think people heard my heart to hold people accountable, restore them into our communities and get them back to work if they come through our court.”

Aside from their backgrounds, the candidates also outlined some of their stances.

Eddy said that he separated himself from activist judges and promised to uphold the law as it is written.

Payne did not stray too far from a similar message.

Both candidates stressed the importance of standing firm on law and order while having sympathy for nonviolent offenders and victims.

They also pledged their willingness to hold people accountable.

As the race progresses, both candidates are focused on continuing to get the word out about their campaigns.

“I’ll just continue to hammer on my experience and speak at any place that’ll let me speak,” said Eddy. “I’ll go to as many functions as I can and go door-to-door.”

“I’m going to be out to as many doors as I can talking to people sharing my plans for the court and holding people accountable,” said Payne. “I’m looking forward to continuing to be out. I’ll be at the exchange club on Monday talking again about the veterans’ court. One of the most important things we do as elected officials is to get out and talk to the community and share the things that we’re doing and to get their feedback.”

The Ohio primary election will be on Tuesday, May 2.

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