City of Lima launches housing repair programs

LIMA — The City of Lima has launched two new programs to aid in housing development and revitalization.

The Better Together Program is a forgivable loan program to assist homeowners to make repairs needed for health, safety and property maintenance. The loan will assist in repairs up to $35,000. In order to be eligible for the program, homeowners must have a household income of less than 80% of the Area Median Income. For example, a family of four must receive no more than $53,400 in yearly income.

The Safe at Home Program is a grant program for residents over the age of 60 or who have a disability and are also low- to moderate-income. The program will assist in repairs such as grab bars, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and minor bathroom modifications up to $5,000.

The repayment amount for the loans reduces at the rate of 20% per year if the homeowner maintains insurance coverage. Homeowners must live in homes for more than 5 years to avoid repaying the loan. Applicants must provide proof of income, insurance and proof of home ownership. Applicants must also complete a 2.5-hour property maintenance training program.

Repair Assistance Qualifying Projects include:

• Modifications (handrails, grab bars, accessible, bathtubs, electrical system upgrades, circuit breakers, wiring, and outlet/switch replacement)

• Heating & Cooling (insulation, water heater, and furnace)

• Exterior Repairs (roof, siding, and windows)

• Plumbing System Upgrades (bathroom fixtures, water lines, and sewer lines)

To request an application contact Housing Loan Orignator Laurel McGee at 419-221-5147.