Lima man ordered to Toledo psychiatric hospital

LIMA — A Lima man charged in 2022 with two counts of felonious assault for attacks on family members was committed Wednesday to an indefinite stay in the Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital to receive treatment for a mental illness which currently prevents him from standing trial.

David Crim, Jr., who turns 63 years Thursday, is alleged to have “knowingly cause(d) serious physical harm” to two relatives, one of whom is a minor, on April 23, 2022. The charges are second-degree felonies.

Crim, who did not attend Wednesday’s hearing in Allen County Common Pleas Court, has been residing at a nursing home as part of a recommendation that he be placed in a setting that was the least restrictive to his care and treatment.

Judge Terri Kohlrieser said during the hearing that “due to Mr. Crim’s recent aggressive and assaultive behavior,” it was the recommendation of Dr. Carla Dreyer of the Forensic Psychiatry Center for Western Ohio in Dayton that he be committed to the Toledo hospital.

Dreyer, who evaluated Crim while at the nursing home, deemed him unfit to stand trial and said it it unlikely that his competency can be restored in the immediate future.

Kohlrieser said Crim’s competency will be re-evaluated in two years.