Glenn, Jones mark Juneteenth with service

LIMA — A group used Juneteenth to perform public service Wednesday.

Lima councilman Derry Glenn said it was exciting to see children participating in his Juneteenth event Wednesday.Councilman Thomas Jones joined in on the event at a home near Martin Luther King, Jr. Park, helping to plant flowers and lay mulch.

“I think Councilman Glenn did a great job explaining the meaning of Juneteenth to the children before anything else happened,” Jones said. “As far as how we celebrated, I think all of those things were important for the children to come together.”

Glenn thanked Patricia Freeman for sharing education about the holiday commemorating the day the enslaved in Texas learned of their freedom.

“It was very pleasing,” he said. “Next year we’re planning to have a parade and some re-enactments, as well as some poetry readings. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to get the funding to do it, and I will be working on that.”

Students ended the day by sharing red velvet cupcakes, strawberry and watermelon — all red foods to signify years of bloodshed.

“I asked my children what their favorite part of the day was,” Jones said. “My daughter told me it was learning and taking the quiz about what Juneteenth meant. I think it was a very successful day.”

Juneteenth became a federal holiday in 2021 and has been celebrated for 159 years.

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