Land transfers, June 6-12

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running June 6 through June 12. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Robin Lamb Holdings, LLC/Lamb, Robin L Trustee/Lamb Irrevocable Living Trust to Moorman, Shay, 800 W. Northern Ave., Lima, $155,000

Borga, Steve to Hyman, Ezra, 439 Marian Ave., Lima, $79,900

Podlesnik, Donald R/Podlesnik, Judy K to McKissick, William A, 520 W. Northern Ave., Lima, $90,000

Stubblefield, Aaron to Times Infinity LLC, 706 Marian Ave., Lima, $35,000

Intelligent Rental Solutions LLC to Kuehner Rentals, LLC, 606 S. Prospect Ave., Lima, $47,000

Cropcho, Michael S to Bercaw, Olivia A, 2413 W. Spring St., Lima, $150,000

McNeal, Willie J/McNeal, Gladys to Kuehner Rentals, LLC, 329 W. Elm St., Lima, $60,000

Stubblefield, Tiera to Thomas, Jordan, 540 McPheron Ave., Lima, $7,000

Wildermuth, Tod/Thaxton, Brent L Attorney In Fact to Sims, Kanesha, 694 Hazel Ave., Lima, $62,000

Center Ohio Real Estate Inc. to Williams, John, 19 Superior Court, Lima, $17,600

Grant, Don Na Demea/Demea Grant, Don Na/Na Demea Grant, Don to Tarrant, Ashely N, 445 E. Albert St., Lima, $10,000

Cunningham, Harry R III to Ulysse, Mackenson/Ulysse, Stephana Cine/Cine Ulysse, Stephana, 869 N. Main St., Lima, $40,000

Highspecs Realty, LLC to Ross, Max, 534 N. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $115,000

Hasting, Robert/Hasting, Melinda to Gossett, Alexis R/Riordan, Donald W III, 1816 W. Elm St., Lima, $140,000

Brown, McKayla to Godinez, Jovanny, 1202 S. Sugar St., Lima, $56,000

Private Selling Officer Beth Rose/Welker, Abbigail B Et Al/Welker, Kegan J to Tyre, Edsel D/Tyre, Sheril A, 2002 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $132,500

Coleman, Alexander Et Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to SF Holdings & Management LLC, 530 E. Eureka St., Lima, $12,000

Pernell, Taji J Et Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to SF Holdings & Management LLC, 1328 W. Elm St., Lima, $60,000

Ohio Investor Group 3, LLC to BTL Investment Properties, LLC, 827 Rice Ave., Lima, $90,000

Evers, Patrick Joseph/Evers, Janet L Moore AKA/Moore Evers, Janet L AKA/Moore, Janet L to Pocza, Christopher J/Pocza, Rebekah, 1560 W. High St., Lima, $110,000

TEC Foundation/Cannon, Tery Emmett Trustee to JumpX Real Estate Investment LLC, 115 S. Shawnee St., Lima, $30,000


Schoonover, Greg to Duncan, Jessica/Nongkhom, Krisshna, 5245 Aster St., Lima, $279,900

Makley, Jamie/Baird, Jamie NKA/Baird, Mason W to Nevels, Brian R/Nevels, Mandy R, 1430 George Bingham Drive, Lima, $287,000

Pandya, Somnath M/Pandya, Neela S to Tassell, Mark/Tassell, Sarah, 3976 Chestnut Oak Trail, Lima, $381,000

Kellermeyer, Darrell B/Kellermeyer, Deborah A to Howard, Joshua/Thomas, Alissa, 3703 Malibu Drive, Lima, $245,000

Brooks, Mackenzie L to McCleese, Tyler J, 1616 Benham Drive, Lima, $77,400

Kohli, Elisabeth G to Kohli, Samuel M/Kohli, Zachariah J/Kohli, Joseph D/Kohli, Rebekah R, 140 Lady Bird Lane, Lima, $98,000


Private Selling Officer Beth Rose/Stebelton, James Et Al to BankUnited N.A., 7815 Amherst Road, Waynesfield, $180,430.31


C & J Boughan Construction, Inc. to Cooper, Brandon E/Quinn, Takyra L, 5361 Sandusky Road, Lima, $295,000

Casebolt, Kolby/Casebolt, Alyssa/Baker, Alyssa FKA to Greely, William, 1670 Stewart Road, Lima, $176,333.33

Pinks, Cory/Pinks, Sara to Smith, Drew R/Smith, Sara M, 5805 Sandusky Road, Lima, $378,000

Fish, Cathy J/Younts, Cathy J NKA/Younts, Robert to Wrasman, Mandi, 648 Mt. Holyoke Ave., Lima, $145,000


Jones, Daniel L/Jones, Sue A to Rhinesmith, Travis W/Rhinesmith, Sarah D, 335 E. Fourth St., Delphos, $265,000

Rhinesmith, Travis W/Rhinesmith, Sarah D to Theobald, Alexander J, 624 E. Fifth St., Delphos, $167,500


Kahle, Mark D to Lakes, Korinna M/Dillon, Samuel L, 159 N. McClure Road, Lima, $310,000

McPheron, Robert/McPheron, Michele to King, Kevin L/King, Krista N, 6500 Mickelson Lane, Lima, $530,000


Harr, Sandra M/Miehls, Sandra M FKA/Harr, Don to Miehls, Steven K, 7648 German Road, Delphos, $26,500


Carroll, Annette S Executor/Ricker, Dennis D Decd/Ricker, Dennis David AKA Decd/Estate of Dennis D Ricker AKA/Estate of Dennis David Ricker/Brown, Rebecca J Decd to Carroll, Annette S, 3176 Begg Road, Columbus Grove, $60,000

Lamb, Roger E Trustee/Roger E. Lamb Revocable Living Trust/Lamb, Roger Life Estate to Everhardt Contracting, LLC, 201 Wall St., Cairo, $10,000


Handshoe, Terry/Handshoe, Jamie E Attorney In Fact to Handshoe, Kevin, 1830 Clyde Ave., Lima, $127,000


Three S Development Group, LLC to Niese, Charity, 209 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $46,000

Motter, Ryan J/Motter, Julie A to Soper, Mason T, 8705 Tom Fett Road, Bluffton, $186,200


Scioto Properties SP-16 LLC to Avery, Ralph E Jr/Avery, Linda K, 1218 Wonderlick Road, Lima, $228,500

Dobner, David L/Dobner, Tina J to Willamowski, Shelby L, 3311 Muirfield Place, Lima, $335,000

Aldana, Benjamin D/Aldana, Elizabeth C to Perkins, Emily G, 3541 Camden Place, Lima, $270,900

Smith, Christopher J/Van Dyke, Natalie R FKA/Smith, Natalie R to Van Dyke, Mark/Van Dyke, Lori S, 2020 W. Hume Road, Lima, $182,000

T&R Property, LLC to Real LEO, LLC, 815 Shawnee Road, Lima, $1,200,000


Ten Of Hearts, LLC to Harmon, Tony J/Harmon, Sarah K, 407 N. Main St., Spencerville, $53,000

Croft, Douglas Jay II to Croft, Cindi M, 103 E. Third St., Spencerville, $73,400

Abromavich, Hayden/Abromavich, Hayden R AKA/Abromavich, Sydney to Fox, Aaron/Fox, Brooke, 113 W. Fourth St., Spencerville, $200,000

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