Land transfers, May 30-June 5

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running May 30 through June 5. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Stewart, Jerry W to Wells, Jeffery L, 2640 Steven Drive, Lima, $192,000

Davidson, Joseph L/Davidson, Debra K to Thines, Timothy M/Black Thines, Jenifer Linn/Thines, Jenifer Linn Black, 1983 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $145,000

Main St. Homes-Lima, LLC to Cochenour, Patsy/Cochenour, Kristy L, 2060 Idlewild Drive, Lima, $149,500

Lamb, Sean Co-Trustee/Lamb, Jennye Co-Trustee/S&J Holdings Revocable Living Trust to Josh’s Auto Barn, LLC, 445-451 S. Pine St., Lima, $65,000

Fay, Kathleen A/Fay, Christopher Attorney In Fact to Brill, Phillip, 925 N. Dale Drive, Lima, $167,000

Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Negelspach, Noel E Et Al/Siferd, Larry G Et Al/Fat Cat and Pack Rat, LLC to Negelspach, Noel E, 517 N. Dale Drive, Lima, $60,100

Blass Holding, LLC to Lima 315, LLC, 817 Holly St., Lima, $79,600

Lima 315, LLC to Blass Holding, LLC, 632 Holmes Ave., Lima, $79,600

Greater Lima Acquisition Group LLC to Lima 315, LLC, 852 Faurot Ave., Lima, $17,300

Lima 315, LLC to Blass Holding, LLC, 716 S. Atlantic Ave., Lima, $23,700

Johnson, Dorinda L to Wiechart Investment Properties, LLC, 1018 N. McDonel St., Lima, $40,000

Davis, Edmund W/Davis, Patricia A to Rosewood Assets LLC, 2050 W. Market St., Lima, $279,300

Johnson, Melissa J/Johnson, Kevin D to Moyar, Quinten M/Hinds, Shane D, 1511 Wendell Ave., Lima, $211,000

Crawford, Mildred J to Nice, Marc D/Nice, Lacey C, 606 Fairfield Ave., Lima, $110,000

Baker, Jeremy Alan/Baker, Katie Lynn to Thomas, Cory Alan/Vamvakidou, Alexandra, 2011 W. High St., Lima, $279,300

Meyer, Kathy A/Meyer, James to Carrier, Beth L, 1812 Ann Way, Lima, $148,000

O’Neill, Brendan A to Kalehua, Alana, 1429 W. Market St., Lima, $325,000

Kortokrax, Logan Robert/Kortokrax, Colleen A/Maurer, Colleen A WTTA to Milburn, Jody M, 2629 Debbie Drive, Lima, $215,000


Erickson, Susan A to Goens, Nancy C/Goens, Burton K II, 2817 Wendell Ave., Lima, $120,000

Pellegrini, Ralph H to Nguyen, Son/Truong, Phuong Thi/Thi Truong, Phuong, 2847 Sherwood Drive, Lima, $238,000

Schoonover, Greg A to Colon, Joham Rivera/Maldonado, Reina Eileen Ortiz/Ortiz Maldonado, Reina Eileen/Rivera Colon, Joham, 4164 Allentown Road, Lima, $130,000

Hesseling, Anthony M to Bungard, Harry W, 209 Johns Ave., Lima, $45,100

Landmark Apartments, LLC to Swartz, Nathan B/Swartz, Mary Ann, 2275 N. Cable Road, Lima (Bldg. 5, Unit 88), $57,500

Nanna, Bernard Jr to Laprade, Steven/Laprade, Tracy, 2616 Wendell Ave., Lima, $245,000

Built Rite Builders, LLC to Bishop, Gail K/Bishop, William R, 3637 Comanche Drive, Lima, $405,000

Buyers Club LLC to Frisco, Jared, 2275 N. Cable Road, Lima (Bldg. 1, Unit 19), $70,000

Barnett, Richard Lee Executor/Estate of Richard J Barnett/Barnett, Richard J Estate to Victoria Anne, LLC, $101,000

Brenneman, Stanley D/Brenneman, Donita S to Haines, James/Haines, Diane, 2975 N. Wapak Road, Lima, $340,000

Foust, Norman Gerald Successor Co-Trustee/Wilson, Susan Ann Successor Co-Trustee/Norman J. Foust Living Trust to Heitman, Michael J/Heitman, Joann/Riverside Farm & Hay, LLC, 2105 Dutch Hollow Road, Lima, $2,378,000


Blake, Mark A/Blake, Tammy C to Morris, Mindy Jo/Morris, Donald John, 257 N. Main St., Harrod, $50,000


Bowersock, Deanna L to Bowersock, Joshua Lee, 4505 Ottawa Road, Lima, $200,000

Hirschfeld, John R/Hirschfeld, Linda S to Peters, Douglas R/Peters, Janie, 1670 N. McCullough St., Lima, $45,000


Craft, Cory J to Polish, Brock/Polish, Emily S, 503 S. Lima St., Beaverdam, $293,500


Coil, Linda M to Boat, Tina Rae/Boat, Madison R, 706 E. Jackson St., Delphos, $120,000

Schleeter, Victoria M to Mercer, Gage Thomas, 927 N. Washington St., Delphos, $125,000


Hunnaman, Matthew to Menke, Gavin E/Frisby, Kaylyn, 930 N. Phillips Road, Harrod, $159,000


Meyer, Gerald J/Daley, Elda to Church, Tate R/Church, Taylor M, 3377 Searfoss Road, Columbus Grove, $341,000


Hilty, Melissa/Hilty, Kevin to Sehlhorst, Gerald Dean, 6926 Columbus Grove Bluffton Road, Bluffton, $7,000


Albert, Wendell B to Newell, Dajue, 2060 Sara Lee Ave., Lima, $199,000

Kantner, Terry L to Stechschulte, Steven J, 2 Galvin Lane, Lima, $20,000

Verrill, Donald A/Verrill, Oksana Dawn to Neto, Fernando/Muniz, Mary Karolyne, 3467 Weldon Drive, Lima, $350,000

Carlier, James W/McGrady, Kelly to Goodwin, Jared/Gerber, Haley, 1350 Wonderlick Road, Lima, $228,000

Richardson, Steven R Executor/Estate of David K Gilles/Gilles, David K Decd to American Patriot Enterprises, LLC, 3494 Shawnee Road, Lima, $146,000

Olsson, Douglas P/Olsson, Leslie P to Briner, James M/Briner, Sally M, 2562 Gaithersburg Drive, Lima, $340,000


Patterson, Susan M/Cochran, Michael J/Griffo, Sandra J/Griffo, James F/Patterson, James A to Rinaldi, Matthew J, 102 N. Pearl St., Spencerville, $35,000


Gipson, Santana/Gipson, Sally Attorney In Fact to Hughes, Ashley J, 4865 Dutch Hollow Road, Lima, $40,000

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