Land transfers, May 23-29

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running May 23 through 29. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


G2 Properties, LLC to Benroth, Todd A, 215 E. Kent Ave., Lima, $125,000

Pinson, Nathan to Herrera Mangini Casa Investments LLC, 1002 E. Eureka St., Lima, $65,000

Curtis, Tony D Attorney In Fact/Curtis, Mary A to Curtis, Paul E, 920 E. Third St., Lima, $25,200

Kill, Therese to White, Shatara M, 409 N. Dale Drive, Lima, $155,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Company to Staup, Lisa, 512 S. Baxter St., Lima, $58,000

Bank of New York Mellon/Bank of New York, As Trustee F/K/A/ GE WMC Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates,/Series 2006-1/Newrez LLC Attorney In Fact F/K/A/ New Penn Financial, LLC D/B/A/ Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing/PHH Mortgage Corporation Attorney In Fact Successor By Merger/Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC to Worsham, Eric/Worsham, Angel, 1830 Idlewild Drive, Lima, $83,000

Baker, Rebekah A/Baker, Robert to Grand Curtis LLC, 960 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $29,500

Steger, Amy/Steger Newland, Amy B/Newland, Amy B Steger/Steger Newland, Amy B/Steger, Shelly to Bailey, Gavin, 1111 Belvidere Ave., Lima, $153,000

Schoenhofer, Michael/Schoenhofer, Mary to Staltari Properties, LLC, 1866 Wendell Ave., Lima, $250,000

DRS Properties of NWOH, LLC to Schnipke, Richard A/Schnipke, Joann, 805 W. Wayne St., Lima, $300

Marymont, Regina H Successor Trustee/Ronald J Hagaman Revocable Living Trust/Judith M Hagaman Revocable Living Trust/Hagaman, Judith M Trustee to Schick, David/Schick, Tabitha, 1732 Sherry Lee Drive, Lima, $328,000

Brown, Tay’von J to Brown, Jordan T, 631 S. Scott St., Lima, $32,300

Treece, Charles M to Anderson-Stauffer, Brenda F, 665 S. Union St., Lima, $15,000

MMC Lima LLC to Noel, Johnny, 939 W. Spring St., Lima, $155,000

Line Associates, LLC to Harmon, Sha’mille, 405 Ewing Ave., Lima, $76,000


Bowsher, Dennis L/Bowsher, Virginia/Rossin, Pamela S/Rossin, Steven/Webb, Brenda/Webb, Jack/De La Cruz, Sharon/Clemons, Sharon FKA/De La Cruz, Alfred/La Cruz, Alfred De/Cruz, Alfred De La/La Cruz, Sharon De/Cruz, Sharon De La to Harting, Michael A/Harting, Jessica N, 2700 S. Kemp Road, Lima, $187,000


Owsley, Roy/Owsley, Kathryn to Owsley, Shannon J/Owsley, Joshua L, North Kenilworth Avenue, Lima (1.1 acres), $78,700

Sims, Michael to Beatty, Jane A, 3950 Allentown Road, Lima, $33,500

Gage, Daniel J to Noriega, Ruben III, 2973 Freyer Road, Lima, $145,000

Long, Braden D/Long, Moriah S to Boyle, Kimberly/Boyle, Jason K, 1530 Baty Road, Lima, $195,000

Ramirez, Carmen L/Ramirez, Eliseo E to Acevedo, Adriel Jose Diaz/Diaz Acevedeo, Adriel Jose/Jose Diaz Acevedo, Adriel/Acevedo Alicea, Melissa/Alicea, Melissa Acevedo, 2871 N. Eastown Road, Lima, $80,000

Lima Builders, LLC to Sarno, Andrew N/Sarno, Ashley E, 201 Oriole Trail, Lima, $39,000


Bumbaugh, Susan K to Hefner, Mark/Bosworth, Jennifer, 2214 Wellesley Drive, Lima, $150,000

Goodwin, Timothy Bruce/Murray, Jacqueline Diane to Rose, Peyton/Slatzer-Rose, Cody J, 2280 N. Dixie Highway, Lima, $325,500

Hearne, Carol A to Alford, Clarissa L, 128 Barnsbury Drive, Lima, $243,000

Pinks, Cory/Pinks, Sara to Reser, Caleb D, 5839 Sandusky Road, Lima, $45,000

Babbitt, Kathleen J/Koenig, Erin N to Koenig, Erin N, 936 Fenway Drive, Lima, $68,000

Dunbar, April/Warner, April Renee AKA/Dunbar, Aaron to Kleman, Christopher M, 2075 Rainbow Drive, Lima, $149,900


Acheson, Erica J/Acheson, Kevin M/Schimmoeller, Erica J FKA to Zeigler, Cory R, 3475 Herr Road, Lima, $270,000


Slippery Fish, LLC to Renner, Glen, Elida Road, Delphos (6.44 acres), $70,000

Laman, David E/Liki Tiki II, LLC/McGriff, Claudia A/McGriff, Philip L to DDS Farms, LLC, Lehman Road, Delphos (73.52 acres), $961,500

Vonderwell, Brett W/Vonderwell, Baylee N to Steele, Nicholas G, 4495 Good Road, Lima, $245,000


Rapp, Matthew I Successor Co-Trustee/Garret Rapp Living Trust to Shannon, Sharon L, 2551 Elmview Drive, Lima, $235,000

Corwin, Adam B/Corwin, Amanda K to Dunbar, Matthew/Dunbar, Britney, 2293 Garden Blvd., Lima, $174,900


Work, Tiffany/Reese, Tiffany FKA/Reese, Jerron to Work, Nathan L, 507 E. Fifth St., Spencerville, $87,000

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