Jordan tours UNOH

LIMA — U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan said he was impressed visiting the University of Northwestern Ohio campus Wednesday.

Jordan, R-Urbana, toured multiple buildings, including the school’s robotics department.

“We’ve been here before, and we knew what a great university this is, but we never really had this kind of detailed, in-depth look that we got today at the robotics lab, the agriculture/diesel area and then the racing tradition,” Jordan said. “As a representative, your job is to go out and talk to the people if you’re going to represent them and see what’s going on. So we like to get out in the community when we can and see fine places like this.”

Stephanie Malloy, the vice president of public relations and marketing for the university, said the school was glad to have an elected official reach out for a tour.

“It’s always nice to get him here, show him what we do and give him the proof of the pudding of what we offer to all of our students here,” she said. “The fact that we have students from almost all 50 states and a lot of them find jobs in the region and Ohio specifically shows that we’re doing a great job of bringing the workforce to the state.”

University leadership shared stories about students who found success in fields such as the automotive industry, something Jordan took to heart.

“The folks that come here get good jobs and get hired,” he said. “I think we were told about 48 states and 40 countries were represented here because this is a place where excellence happens. And you get a great education and skillset.”

Malloy said this was right in line with the school’s goals.

“What we really focus on is giving them education and majors where they get well-paying jobs immediately,” she said. “The industry is looking for graduates and we are more than happy to provide them.”

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