Land transfers, May 16-22

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running May 16 through 22. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


A369 Group LLC to MK USA Good Shepherd LLC, 525-52 Linden St., Lima, $3,000

Berger, Kimberly K to Turks, Latara T, 443 E. McKibben St., Lima, $22,500

Betts, Patricia to Malick, Ava, 1702 W. High St., Lima, $68,500

Bowman Properties LLC/ Bowman, Robert John Administrator/Estate Of John Christopher Bowman to M.D. Investing Ltd, 834 W. Wayne St., Lima, $25,000

Boyle, Kimberly A/Boyle, Jason K to McComb, Tyler/McComb, Jennifer, 122 S. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $50,000

J Squared Property Solutions/Johnson, Jennifer to Brewer, Jatavia, 605 E. 4th St., Lima, $26,800

JNK Properties LLC to Dotson, Allison D/Olson, Brandon M, 1206 Rice Ave., Lima, $135,000

JNM Investments, Ltd. to Schmidt, Brock, 950 Rice Ave., Lima, $63,000

Jumpx Real Estate Investment, LLC to Harper, Philander O/Harper, Anita Jae, 817 Weadock Ave., Lima, $160,000

Lima 315, LLC to Martin, Jock, 514 Fairview Ave., Lima, $15,000

Malick, Jason A/Malick, Ava R/Malick, Yolanda to Metro Vested Properties LLC, 415 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $20,000

Missler, Timothy O to Missler, Michael J, 1131 Richie Ave., Lima, $30,000

Rosewood Assets LLC to Parsley, Jessica, 1910 Rice Ave., Lima, $171,000

Seay, Lajeane R/Seay, Rufus E/Simpson, Carla E/Simpson, Joey W/Robinson, Joanna M/Robinson, Vatchel L/Berger, Jeffrey B to Robinson, Meshayla S, 626 Catalpa Ave., Lima, $18,900

Wings Like Eagles Realestate LLC to Jackson, Kiarra, 1149 Richie Ave., Lima, $205,000


Bellman, William C/Bellman, Laura to Nunnery, Bubba S/Medina, Rhonda J, Mills Road (3 acres), Lima, $52,500

Timmermeister, William C/Timmermeister, Kay Lois to Baltzell, Eric J, Defiance Trail (40 acres), Spencerville, $325,000


Brown, Jeffery J F/Arango-Brown, Andrea to Cox, Micah P, 178 Hartford Court, Lima, $113,500

Evans, Mable Louise/Blosser, Valerie K Blosser Attorney In Fact to Binas, Roseann T/Massalang, Isaac Sydney, 2935 W. High St., Lima, $187,400

Lowe’s Home Centers, LLC to Kasada, LLC, North Eastown Road, Lima, $775,000

Nungester, Diana K to Rieman, Cody/Nicolaou, Giorgia, 6390 Spencerville Road, Lima, $140,000

Sprague, Joseph D Co-Executor/Sprague, C Joseph Co-Executor/Estate Of Judith Ann Steigleder to Kowalk, Bryan/Kowalk, Ruth, 1912 Arlington Drive, Lima, $171,500


Faulder Properties, LLC to Carroll, Shelby Rae, 7890 Faulkner Road (1.6 acres), Harrod, $195,000


Emerson Wagner Realty Co. to Hollinger Farms, LLC, Stewart Road (2.5 acres), Lima, $37,000

Owsley, Sam to Owsley, Kenneson J, 1306 N. Adams St., Lima, $8,400

Patel, Kamleshkumar/Patel, Mayuribahen to Vasistha LLC, 1250 Neubrecht Road, Lima, $400,000

Wagner, Emerson/Wagner, Jeffrey M/Wagner, Constance/Wagner, Debra L to Hollinger Farms, LLC, Bible Road (69.9 acres), Lima, $1,033,333


JCJJD Invesmtents, LLC to Dunlap, Douglas/Dunlap, Pamela, 202 E. Main St., Beaverdam, $40,000


Basinger, Jan/Basinger, Alice to Burrell, Jo Lynn Trustee/Jo Lynn Burrell Trust, 525 Harmon Road, Bluffton, $140,000

Kaufmann, Maurice J Co-Trustee/Maurice J Kaufmann Living Trust to Baskauf, Carol J/Baskauf, Steven J, 10465 Augsburger Road (1 acre), Bluffton, $261,000


Kitchen, Kenneth to Williams, Diann, 528 Lima Ave., Delphos, $154,500


Schaufelberger, Julie/Kleman, Patrick/Perry, Michelle E/Schaufelberger, Matthew to Sugar Shack, Ltd, 4151 N. Acadia Road, Delphos, $560,000

Stump Baby, LLC to Backus, Gary, 909 E. 3rd St., Delphos, $157,000


AD Lane, LLC to Warner, Jonathan S/Warner, Debra K, 1601 Leist Ave., Lima, $329,900

Honingford, Robert J/Honingford, Martha E to Navarre, Johanna Marie Trustee/Navarre, Robert Bruce Trustee/Navarre Family Trust, 3504 Camden Place, Lima, $290,000

LBC Investments, LLC to Harper, Jan C/Harper, Cynthia J, 4171 Emma Parkway, Lima, $317,000

Monroe, Kelly J/Weaver, Scott to Jones, James/Jones, Maria Christina Lucido, 1435 Park Circle, Lima, $300,000

Oglesbee, Jacob A to Levan, Jacob L/Downing, Linsey M, 3800 Shawnee Road, Lima, $180,000

Qin, Xiusheng/Chen, Lijuan to Sheipline, Tasha L/Sheipline, Anthony D, 4425 Karif Circle, Lima, $445,000

Sarven, Brian C/Sarven, Jill M to Hites, Terry V, 1620 W. Hume Road, Lima, $39,500

Taviano, Ladonna to Steyer, Gabriel J, 2050 Rosewood Lane, Lima, $167,500

Warner, Jonathan S/Warner, Debra K to Kantner, Terry, 1755 Shawnee Road, Unit 509, Lima, $96,000

Wireman, Sylvia Executor/Estate Of Erma Arlene Currier to Bitters, Abigail M/Swallow, Ethan A, 1602 Wonderlick Road, Lima, $154,500


Joseph, Tiffani N/Joseph, Tobin J to Franks, Steven/Franks, Leesa, 12201 Kolter Road (0.7 acres), Spencerville, $240,000


Koenig, Norman L/Koenig, Sydney A to Strayer, John, 224 N. Mulberry St., Spencerville, $90,000

Youngpeter, Laura A/Crites, Lisa K/Huber, Nicholas J/Huber, Leslie/Youngpeter, Michael to Crites, Evan S, 710 E. 4th St., Spencerville, $160,000


Larue, James L to Larue, Justin, 3000 W. State Road (1 acre), Lima, $212,000

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