Land transfers, May 9-15

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running May 9 through May 15. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Wright, David/Wright, Ashley to Big Dream Rental Homes, 912 Fairview Ave., Lima, $29,500

Wright, David/Wright, Ashley to Big Dream Rental Homes, 328 McPheron Ave., Lima, $29,500

Wright, David/Wright, Dave AKA/Wright, Ashley to Big Dream Rental Homes, 601 S. Elizabeth St., Lima, $70,000

Horton, Tolando D to Moore, Meshaud Xavier Earl/Earl Moore, Meshaud Xavier/Xavier Earl Moore, Meshaud, 2321 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $125,000

Leis, Michael A/Leis, Lyle D/Grine, Kathleen S/Leis, William E/Leis, Lisa A/Grine, Patrick D/Leis, Melissa M/Leis, Shanda C to Puram, Jesse, 411 S. Dewey Ave., Lima, $175,000

J Squared Property Solutions, LLC to Brewer, Jatavia, 605 E. Fourth St., Lima, $1,000

Banks, Thelma to I.C.M.C., 126 E. North St., Lima, $50,000

LOHB LLC to Hankins, Lillie C, 1255 N. Baxter St., Lima, $150,000

Webb, Milton L Trustee/Milton L. Webb Living Trust to Jefferson Manor Lima LLC, 1149-51 Sugar St., Lima, 1107-09 Holmes Ave., Lima, 1113-15 Holmes Ave., Lima, 1119-21 Holmes Ave., Lima, 1125-27 Holmes Ave., Lima, 1131-33 Holmes Ave., Lima, 1137-39 Holmes Ave., Lima, 1143-45 Holmes Ave., Lima, 1149-51 Holmes Ave., Lima, 1221-1223 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1207-09 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1209-11 Sugar St., Lima, 1106-08 Holmes Ave., Lima, 1112-14 Holmes Ave., Lima, 1118-20 Holmes Ave., Lima, 1124-26 Holmes Ave., Lima, 1130-32 Holmes Ave., Lima, 1136-38 Holmes Ave., Lima, 1142-44 Holmes Ave., Lima, 1159-61 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1103 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1107-09 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1113-15 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1119-21 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1127-29 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1133-35 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1139-41 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1153-55 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1112-14 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1118-20 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1124-26 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1130-32 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1136-38 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1142-44 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1148-50 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1154 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1160-62 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1202-04 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1208 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1214-16 Catalpa Ave., Lima, 1220-22 Catalpa Ave., Lima, Catalpa Avenue, Lima (2.61 acres), $3,500,000

Banks, Jennifer L to Jeffers, Jammie, 142 Harrison Ave., Lima, $7,100

Barker, Steven D to Barker, Susan Z/Ziegler, R Jason, 1912 Wendell Ave., Lima, $262,500

Daum, Nellie K to Ovelgonne, Jamie, 1516 Lowell Ave., Lima, $70,000

State of Ohio to Heir Force Community School, 799 N. Main St., Lima, $681,005.25

JNK Properties LLC to Dotson, Allison D/Olson, Brandon M, 1206 Rice Ave., Lima, $135,000

Putt, Melissa P to Wong, Karen Mae Donaire/Wong, Jico Paulo Lacanla, 1719 Latham Ave., Lima, $145,000

XZI Holdings LLC to Telles, John Loren/Gima, Gabriel Joshua, 754 S. Elizabeth St., Lima, $85,000

Pasion, Megan J/Reeder, Megan J FKA/Pasion, Johnathon to Drinkwater, Victoria Trustee/Duddy Preservation Trust, 1048 Woodland Drive, Lima, $170,000

419 Property Holding, LLC to Herrera Mangini Casa Investments LLC, 701 W. Wayne St., Lima, $105,000

Stephens, Earnest Jr/Stephens, Bessie to Walton, Nathaniel J II/Walton, Latina D, 527 Ontario St., Lima, $34,000

Torres, Jair C/Torres, Linda Janera/Torres, Anne Elizabeth/Stuckman, Jay Thomas to Mendez, Isaiah, 731 W. Wayne St., Lima, $61,800

Neubert, Lee/Neubert, Gary/Neubert, Scott/Williams, Donna/Hoehn, Denise/Averesch, Johnna/Neubert, Brenda/Neubert, Cynthia/Williams, Steven/Hoehn, Dan/Averesch, Brian A to Optimal Investments, LLC, 520 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $65,000

Brookman, Carol Sue to Bolender, Ashton G, 712 N. Cole St., Lima, $41,200


East, Rex L/McPheron, Leann K Power Of Attorney to Lee, Kip/Lee, Kaytlynn, 935 Sunderland Road, Spencerville, $210,000

Hawk, Shawn C/Hawk, Deborah A to Washam, Christopher R/Washam, Nichole M, 6849 Fort Amanda Road, Lima, $595,000


Matchem, Dana Administrator/Matchem, Jerome Delin Decd/Estate of Jerome Delin Matchem to Weaver, Annie Grace, 1735 Tahoe Place, Lima, $160,000

Palmer, Gregory Edward/Palmer, Nikolee Suzann to Lotz, Jessie W/Turner, Taylor, 2905 Hanover Drive, Lima, $285,000

Built Rite Builders, LLC to Olson, Roy, 4339 Alix Drive, Lima, $375,000

Moore, Ty H Jr/Moore, Jillian J/Plaugher, Jillian J FKA to Watkins, Kevin, 637 Lester Ave., Lima, $150,000

Veliz, Franklin O AKA/Veliz, Frank O to Koontz, Tyler/Koontz, Emily, 216 Johns Ave., Lima, $155,000

Daniels, Donna L/Virgilio, Thomas R/Spurgeon, Barbara D/Spurgeon, Robert to Bishop, Jaden L, 740 St. Clair Ave., Lima, $160,000


Jacobs, Vanessa R/Jacobs, Shaine to Maxwell, Anna/Maxwell, Dalton, 4180 Sugar Creek Road, Lima, $215,000


Palmateer, Adam J/Williams, Ragan to Knodel, Alexa K, 630 S. Main St., Bluffton, $297,500


Hummer, Mark/Hummer, Jeanne to Rose, Amanda M, 1210 Grothause St., Delphos, $65,000

Franklin, Jody/Franklin, Christine to Mohler, Jordan, 433 S. Franklin St., Delphos, $33,000


Dirmeyer, Robert E to Acheson, Kevin M/Acheson, Erica J, 7453 Sandusky Road, Lima, $310,000


Landeck Land, LLC/Berelsman, Mary Jo/Berelsman, George J to Hesseling, Kevin C/Hesseling, Tina M, North Acadia Road, Delphos (12.02 acres), $2,500

Hesseling, Kevin C/Hesseling, Tina M to Hitchcock, Chris, 3950 N. Acadia Road, Delphos, $290,000

Snider, Kelvin M Trustee/Snider Living Trust to Hoover, Marilyn R/Hoover, William J A, 3871 McBride Road, Delphos, $240,000


Langhals Family Farm Limited 1/Gaietto, Rose/Gaietto, Rose Ann AKA/Wheeler, Marilyn to Lawson, Jodi R, 810 Hillville Road, Columbus Grove, $191,000


Boddie, Michael J to Just One Humble Name Revocable Living Trust/Poling, John L Trustee, 1507 Lennox Ave., Lima, $20,000


Washam, Christopher R/Washam, Nichole M/Latimer, Nichole M FKA to Burkholder, Taylor/Burkholder, Miranda, 5190 Spencerville Road, Lima, $262,500

Toland, Watana/Toland, Kim to T&M Enterprises LLC, 3280 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $202,000

Sellers, Jeffrey Allen Administrator/Estate of Robert Allen Sellers Will Annexed/Robert Allen Sellers Estate Will Annexed/Sellers, Robert Allen Estate to B.N.O. Properties L.L.C., 3260 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $65,000

Rumbaugh, Kenneth W/Rumbaugh, Bryan W/Rumbaugh, Perry L/Rumbaugh, Linda/Rumbaugh, Sally/Rumbaugh, Pamela to Hurles, Wesley S, 4509 Meadow View Drive, Lima, $319,900

Moore, Janet M to Gooding, Eunice Arlene, 1755 Shawnee Road, Lima, $110,000

Alston, Leroy Jr to Alston-Devoe, Valdosta, 766 Kiowa Trail, Lima, $10


Riffle, Loretta A/Riffle, Douglas W Attorney In Fact to Schwartz, Jeffrey L/Schwartz, Polly D, 111 S. Mulberry St., Spencerville, $120,000


Bear, Dorvin L/Bear, Rose A to Bear, Karl J/Bear, Tonya L, 6135 Billymack Road, Lima, $162,500

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