Click It or Ticket launches annual campaign

LIMA — Seatbelt safety is an ongoing effort in the United States. The Bath Township Fire Department hosted a Click It or Ticket campaign launch on Thursday morning.

Representatives of the department discussed the importance of wearing the device every time a person drives.

“This has been a pivotal part of the Safe Community Coalition’s agenda for many years,” Bath Township Fire Chief Joe Kitchen said. “We have recognized here in Lima/Allen County that seatbelt education is important. Those of us who work in public safety know it saves lives. If somebody is involved in a crash, the safest place for them to be is in the vehicle.”

Kitchen said wearing a seatbelt can prevent a person from being ejected from the car in the event of an accident.

“If you are involved in a high-speed crash, there is a chance that you will sustain some injury,” Kitchen said. “Our experience shows those injuries are much less if you stay in the vehicle (by wearing a seatbelt). Some people say I always wear my seatbelt while traveling, but I do not wear it on short trips. Many crashes are very close to where a person lives or in their hometown.”

Kitchen also said it is important for every passenger to wear a seatbelt while the car is in operation.

“Vehicles are safer now than when I first started in fire and EMS,” Kitchen said. “There are a lot of advancements. I cannot express enough that the most important piece of the safety package is the seatbelt.”

LACRPC Community Program Planner Megan Kinnear said the coalition also went to Allen East Elementary to discuss the importance of seatbelt safety.

The campaign runs from May 13 through June 2.

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