Dallas String Quartet to bring ‘Bridgerton’ to Van Wert

VAN WERT — The Dallas String Quartet is set to mix classical and pop for the Van Wert audience this Friday.

Founder Ion (pronounced “yon”) Zanca said the audience will be amazed at the sounds that can come from an electric violin after enjoying modern pop played in a baroque style inspired by the Netflix series “Bridgerton” at 7:30 p.m. May 10 at the Niswonger Center for the Performing Arts.

“This is a crossover group with music a meld of both classical and modern pop music,” he said. “The audience will listen to modern music but with a classical take on it.”

Zanca, who handles viola duties for the group, said the show might remind the audience of another popular touring act.

“I’m really excited to meet everyone and we always love to come out, but I hear it is also a great venue and I’m excited for everyone to hear us,” he said. “We have pretty cool electric violins with lights and the whole show might look similar to a Trans-Siberian (Orchestra) show.”

The quartet bills itself as “where Bach meets Bon Jovi,” but with hits like “Bad Guy” and “Teenage Dream” in their repertoire, the group performs a mix that should satisfy all audiences.

“It’s pretty much that: an eclectic mix of music from all eras,” Zanca said. “We perform rock and classics from the ’80s, as well as some classical music, all played on beautiful violin in a lively show. If you’ve never seen violin playing Van Halen, this is the show for you.”

It means a lot to Zanca to share the music with the audience.

“We love meeting people and having them hear our music,” Zanca said. “It’s really special for us to be a part of this community and meet everyone there. We’re excited to have them come to the show.”

Zanca said he hopes the show inspires the audience, too.

“The younger audience that might be studying orchestra and needs motivation has so many possibilities out there and I hope we open that up to them,” he said. “And we also want the older audience to hear something different with songs that they recognize, but maybe haven’t heard in this context.”

The show will transition from one half, featuring acoustic instruments, to the second, featuring drums and guitar accompaniment.

The quartet also features Melissa Priller and Valory Hight, both on violin, as well as Young Heo on bass, Joel White on guitar and Efren Guzman Jr. on percussion.

Anyone interested in learning more about the group can visit dallasstringquartet.com and check them out on streaming services like Spotify.

For tickets, visit vanwertlive.com.

Reach Jacob Espinosa at 567-242-0399.