Plea proposal offered to Lima man

LIMA — A Lima man who prosecutors say abused a child and attempted to cause physical harm to that person via strangulation has been presented with a plea offer that expires in 10 days.

Allen County Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Kyle Thines put the offer on the official court record Friday. It calls for Patrick Kollars, 46, to plead guilty to one of two second-degree felony charges contained in a grand jury indictment. In exchange for that plea, prosecutors will dismiss a remaining second-degree felony count, along with a fourth-degree felony charge.

Kollars was indicted by an Allen County grand jury in November on single counts of felonious assault and endangering children, second-degree felonies, and strangulation, a felony of the fourth degree.

According to the indictment the incidents occurred in September of 2023. Kollars is alleged to have abused a child under the age of 18 and “did knowingly cause or create a substantial risk of physical harm to another by means of strangulation or suffocation.”

A copy of the transcript from an earlier hearing in Lima Municipal Court has been sealed and shielded from public view.

A subpoena had been issued earlier this year at the request of defense attorney Andrea Henning to Thunderbolt Middle School in Lake Havsue City, Arizona, seeking all disciplinary records for a now 17-year-old student there.

Activity logs prepared by the Allen County Children’s Services agency have also been sought by the defense in preparation for a jury trial that is scheduled to begin May 13.