Land transfers, April 11-17

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running April 11 through April 17. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Pellegrini, John/Pellegrini, Kim to Hunter, Brent A, 1232 N. Union St., Lima, $30,000

Handshoe, Terry to Bigboysgs, LLC, 1017 St. Johns Ave., Lima, $7,000

Brenneman, Rollin/Brenneman, Taler Rae to Custer, Macala A, 1400 Leland Ave., Lima, $109,000

Numbers, Lauren M/Mooney, Lauren M FKA/Numbers, Nicholas to Long, Beverly J/Long, Lawrence R, 806 Brendonwood Drive, Lima, $138,400

James, Jerry L/James, Carol R to Austin, Bernard A Jr/Austin, Bernard AKA, 1137 Simons Ave., Lima, $90,000

Wills, Ilo B Et Al/Private Selling Officer Rick A Kigar to Binkley, Tyler/Binkley, Michael, 816 N. Woodlawn Ave., Lima, $49,300

McNamara, William E to Schleeter, Kevin D/Schleeter, Lori A, 518 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $135,500

Downtown Lima Properties, LLC/Tri-Lex, Inc. to O’Neal, Jerome J, 417 W. High St., Lima, $70,000

D & S Apartments, LLC to Samuel Phillip Properties LLC, 2552 W. Market St., Lima, $1,500,000

Weitz, Lexis/Weitz, Chance Reed to Sockrider, Ryan/Sockrider, Danielle, 1711 Northlea Drive, Lima, $177,500

Viking Management Properties, LLC to XZI Holdings LLC, 1103 E. Franklin St., Lima, 1125 S. Main St., Lima, 416 S. Jackson St., Lima, 510 Cortlandt Ave., Lima, 532 Orena Ave., Lima, 571 S. Metcalf St., Lima, 606 Harrison Ave., Lima, 618 W. Eureka St., Lima, 623 N. Metcalf St., Lima, 638 Harrison Ave., Lima, 717 E. Albert St., Lima, 721 E. Albert St., Lima, 722 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, 725 E. Vine St., Lima, 754 S. Elizabeth St., Lima, 774 W. Wayne St., Lima, 817 E. Eureka St., Lima, 820 S. McDonel St., Lima, 902 E. Eureka St., Lima, 931 Richie Ave., Lima, 982 W. Wayne St., Lima, 1312 Reservoir Road, Lima, 542 Orena Ave., Lima, $1.061,600


Clementz, Frank E/Clementz, Catherine A to Musil, Kathleen/Musil, Kyle Andrew, 353 S. Conant Road, Spencerville, $315,000

Fifth Third Bank, Trustee/Charles L. Moeller Revocable Living Trust to Burkholder, Troy, South Defiance Trail, Spencerville (32.32 acres), $390,000


Ebbing, Joshua M/Ebbing, Natasha M to Neuman, Evan D/Aukerman, Kara A, 2084 Brookhaven Court, Lima, $192,000

Williams, Dona M Trustee/Samuel J Guagenti Trust to Brenner, John, 1790 N. Eastown Road, Lima, $260,000

Dick, Janice L to Dick, Thomas G, 2824 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $85,000

Bowman, John Christopher Decd/Bowman, Robert John Administrator/Estate of John Christopher Bowman/Bowman, John C AKA Decd/Estate of John C Bowman AKA to Anthony, Garry, 915 Carol Ann St., Lima, $155,000

LOHB LLC to Bosler, Misty D, 469 St. Clair Ave., Lima, $130,000

Long, Trenton/Long, Carly A to Lause, Keith A, 314 E. North St., Elida, $134,100

Smith, Sarah K to Stratton, Nathan, 210 Johns Ave., Elida, $136,500

Greeley, Heather to Bays, Andrew M/Bays, Kayla, 2970 Lilly Drive, Lima, $280,000

Parish, Tyson D/Parish, Dianna to Tier 4, LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Lima (Building 9, Unit 165), $67,000

Shenouda, Mary I/Shenouda, Emad A Attorney In Fact to Grau, Jose Pelegrin Pons/Pons Grau, Jose Pelegrin/Pelegrin Pons Grau, Jose, 2919 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $180,900

Furry, Brion Trustee/Furry, Brennan Trustee/Sally Furry Irrevocable Trust to Knight, Erica, 107 Hartford Court, Lima, $125,000


Collins, Brenda to Gaines, Brian/Gaines, Christine, 3316 N. Dixie Highway, Lima, $412,000

Snodgrass, Terry/Snodgrass, Amy to Briggs, Matthew, Sandusky Road, Lima (49.87 acres), $443,900


Theis, Jonathan L/Theis, Jonathon L AKA/Theis, Bethany G to Sweigart, Klarc S, 108 Pearl St., Beaverdam, $149,000


Suderman, Ryan Trustee/Suderman Irrevocable Heritage Trust to Erford, Jamie L/O’Malley, Katherine S, 100 Polo Drive, Bluffton, $387,000


Kennedy, Robert K to Smith, Justin M/Smith, Jacklyn A, 1730 N. Cool Road, Lima, $149,900

Iiames, Warren W/Yost-Iiames, Elizabeth A to Brown, James, 7805 Sandusky Road, Lima, $124,000


Sheeter, Amanda L/Wrasman, Amanda L AKA to Stevenson, Skye, 14619 Landeck Road, Delphos, $145,000

Suever, Ashley/Rode, Ashley FKA/Suever, Ben to McAtee, Timothy/McAtee, Cheryl, 8058 Bliss Road, Lima, $42,000


Geesaman, Mindy Administrator/Estate of Jerry L Bassett/Bassett, Jerry L Estate to Schnipke, Scott M/Schnipke, Courtney A, 7901 Swaney Road, Bluffton, $328,000


Archer Investment Company LLC to Jehovah Jireh Dwellings LLC, 2139 Rose Ave., Lima, $55,000


Blythe, Brent T Trustee/Blythe Family Trust to Kill, Scott/Kill, Staci, 14590 Hoch Road, Spencerville, $150,000

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