Civic Center to celebrate 40 years with gala

LIMA — The Civic Center Foundation will have its season reveal digitally this year, but the annual gala will still be held later this year.

It is for a good reason: the Civic Center will celebrate its 40th anniversary Oct. 17.

“This year’s gala is going to be a little different,” Civic Center CEO Abe Ambroza said. “We wanted to celebrate the 40th anniversary and commemorate that and make it extra special.”

The gala will feature food, drinks, entertainment and a live auction fundraiser to celebrate its 1984 opening in the Exhibit Hall.

“It’s an exciting season reveal, but the gala will be exciting too,” Ambroza said. “It’s going to be hard to wait six months, but that’s what we’re planning on doing.”

The gala, which is black tie-themed, will see special guests on hand to celebrate the occasion.

“Bringing back people who were a part of it 40 years ago is my favorite part,” Ambroza added. “I have the good fortune to spend time with all of them, but to get them all in the same room will be great because we’ll get to share all the accomplishments we have made since then. It’ll be a fantastic evening and we can’t wait for it to happen.”

Ambroza said the season reveal is set to take place soon, as well.

“We’re revealing our Broadway season in a week or two,” he said. “We’re working on one contract and then we’ll announce everything on social media and do some things to get that out to people. Subscriptions and tickets will go on sale shortly after that.”

The gala will continue to help raise funds for the upcoming season and anyone interested can reach director of development at the Civic Center Carmen Cecala-Wells by calling 419-224-5222.

Reach Jacob Espinosa at 567-242-0399.