Mom-to mom sale returns to YMCA

LIMA — Madeline Snow displayed her daughter’s clothes on a table inside the Lima YMCA gymnasium Saturday morning, hoping other mothers would stop by to purchase a few of the onesies her six-month-old daughter can no longer wear.

Next to the baby clothes were sets of maternity clothes Snow had outgrown, a bassinet and swaddle blankets for sale.

Snow was one of 23 women who registered to sell their gently used children’s clothes, toys and cribs during the YMCA’s annual mom-to-mom sale.

“I’m coming back next year because I have a six-month-old, so I have all the clothes she’s grown out of so far and next year I’m going to bring all the other clothes she’s grown out of,” Snow said.

Admission to the sale was $1 for adults and children seven and older, while sellers paid a $25 fee to reserve a booth.

An estimated 270 shoppers were admitted as of 11 a.m. Saturday, according to Director Brianna Keeler.

Kristin Jones sold $400 at her first mom-to-mom sale two years ago, so she returned Saturday with stacks of clothes she’d been keeping in storage.

“The clothes always seem to be the hardest thing to go,” Jones said, noting she’d made roughly $200 as of 11 a.m. “Everybody’s got clothes.”

“I’ve sold a lot of my stuff,” said Tayler Burchett, who participated in the sale for the first time Saturday. “It’s a way to replenish the closet.”