Encore Theatre fundraises for new roof

LIMA — The art of theatre has a home in Lima as Amil Tellers Encore Theatre produces shows to entertain the Lima region. According to board member Sarah Glover, the theatre’s building needs a new roof, so the organization hopes to rally the community and raise the needed funds.

“We currently have a $25,000 matching grant,” Glover said. “We are about $9,500 short of meeting that right now. If we can meet that, our donor will also do that and it totals $50,000. The money will go towards the roof at the Encore Theatre, which has been a part of the Lima community for almost 100 years.”

Amil Tellers, which gained its name by spelling Lima backwards, is hoping that those deep community roots will play a key part in meeting that funding shortfall.

”The total cost of the new roof is $120,000,” Glover said. “We are a non-profit and we are very proud of that. Just like all of our efforts, this has to be a community effort.”

Glover also said the theatre plans to have events throughout the year to raise money. On April 5, Encore will begin a new show, “Disney’s Descendants.” According to the theatre’s website, the show tells of the Disney villains’ children who have gone to live on an island.

“Encore is the stage where the children of Lima shine,” Glover said. “It is also a place where grownups can create and thrive in the arts and continually partnering to increase student opportunities in the arts and enriching experiences as audiences.”

The theatre is located at 991 North Shore Drive in Lima. Donations can also be mailed to P.O. Box 5276, Lima, OH 45802.

For more information call 419-223-8866 or email e[email protected].

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