Lima native author writes second book

LIMA — A trail of family history and a love for writing met to create a series of books for one author. Kimberly Nixon won her first author award in the first grade at the Lima Public Library. Nixon said she went on to continue to write throughout her life.

Nixon debuted her second book titled “Rock Bottom Rising” at the Met on Tuesday afternoon. The fiction novel is based on the true story of Nixon’s grandmother.

“I had always heard that my grandmother robbed a train growing up,” Nixon said. “I did not know her. When I found her conviction papers, I realized it was true; then the question was, ‘how did she do this?’”

The story details the life of her grandmother, Ruby. According to her biography, Nixon only met her grandmother twice in life.

Nixon reportedly remembers her mother telling the history of her family. As she became older, Nixon began to do her research. She learned her grandmother Ruby robbed the train with her then-boyfriend and served two years of probation. Nixon decided the story needed to be told.

“I am passionate about writing,” Nixon said. “In particular, the story with my family I just thought, ‘this has to be recorded.’”

The author currently lives in Texas and hopes to continue to write books.

“Whenever I sign a book, I always say, ‘tell a great story.’” Nixon said. “Right. I think (especially in this generation), there are so many stories out there and people don’t ask about them. You can explore your family story — sometimes it is juicy.”

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