19 Hawthorne provides ‘third space’

LIMA — A couple of local entrepreneurs transformed an old golf course into a destination wedding venue. The property now provides space for couples to get married, have parties and much more.

That’s how 19 Hawthorne was born at 1000 Fetter Road, Lima, and it’s online at 19hawthorne.com.

“Our bread and butter are weddings,” 19 Hawthorne director and manager Chad Hughes said. “Most of our weekends are booked with weddings. We do a lot of corporate events, company events, company picnics and corporate Christmas parties. There is a small group of nonprofits that have fundraiser events here.”

The venue hosts not only weddings but also fun events to engage the community. Hughes said he noticed more people want to gather in event spaces due to the changes in society.


“People are wanting a third place to gather,” Hughes said. “They have their home and work, but they do not have a third. I think these types of buildings are becoming that for some people. People used to go to retail spaces with friends and go shopping, but it is not what we do anymore.”

With the increase of new wedding venues in the area, Hughes said couples simply want a beautiful place to get married.

“People have realized that it (wedding planning) is a business,” Hughes said. “It has always been a business, but they are realizing the beauty side of it — there are some places that need to be revitalized and it is a good use of space.”

The 19 Hawthorne sits on 240 acres of land for customers to use for pictures and much more. The owners used the space to create something new.

“It is a beautiful property,” Hughes said. “I think that our owners saw the potential and how beautiful this area was — they thought of wedding venue first.”

The venue has an outdoor patio and space for gatherings throughout the year.

“We have a patio party from beginning of May until the middle of August on Thursdays,” Hughes said. “It is open to the public. People bring their friends and family to hang out. We have a live-music artists and a food truck. We also have a cash bar. People will bring ecks of cards. It’s been nice to build a little community of people that come often and just hang out.”


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