Party Palace helps empower

LIMA — A local company empowers young women at an early age through a spa day.

LaFawn Pughsley created “Plush Party Palace, Girls Spa” in 2017. Pughsley created the idea after working with youth for more than 11 years.

“I worked for a school district in Ann Arbor, Michigan,” Pughsley said. “It was a school where we served special needs children; we also had a charter school in our building. I built all these special relationships with these little girls because I was the administrative assistant to the principal. That is where my inspiration came for the Party Palace. I wanted to have a place where little girls could go somewhere in a place where they can feel safe.”

The owner also said she focuses on helping to build the self-esteem of girls as they enjoy a day of manicures, pedicures and facials.

“I had this one event, and we wanted to talk with the girls about self-esteem,” Pughsley said. “I asked the girls how many knew what bullying is, and all the hands went up. Then I asked them how many knew what self-esteem was, and they did not know. I think it is really important for us to put self-esteem tools in place to combat bullying.”

After moving back to Lima a few years ago, Pughsley decided to re-open the spa in Lima, 707 N. Cable Road. Plush Palace officially opened in 2021.

In August 2023, the owner launched a bakery in the palace that serves “colossal” cookies. Pughsley said she first began baking in 2012. A close friend encouraged her to begin selling the goods she made. Recently, she decided to officially make it the “Plush Cookie Co.”

“My mom would take me to a restaurant that sold peach cobbler and ice cream,” Pughsley said. “When his business closed, I could not find it anywhere in town, and I began to make my own. I would give it to friends and take it to church. One day my friend said, ‘Wow, you really have something here.’”

Pughsley said through the baking company and the spa, she hopes to inspire others.

“We want to bring inspiration,” Pughsley said. “We want to continue to build with other businesses. We want to get the opportunity to work with other businesses and collaborate with other businesses. I think it is important, especially for small businesses.”

She also hopes to play host to more events for adults and families.For more information on weekend parties, hours and events visit or Plush Cookie Co. on Facebook.


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