Lima native and author to appear on History Channel

LIMA — The History Channel will soon feature a best-selling author from Lima. Heather Lynn is an archaeologist and historian who will appear on “Ancient Aliens” at 8 p.m. Friday, March 1.

According to a recent press release, Lynn was raised in Lima. She attended St. Gerard Catholic School and graduated from Lima Senior High School. Lynn attributes her upbringing to her success in her current field. Lynn also said her appreciation for history first began at St. Gerard.

“The community and the educators of Lima nurtured my early curiosity and encouraged a sense of wonder that has guided me throughout my career,” Lynn said. “My time there instilled in me a lifelong love for education, a curiosity for the unknown, and a deep respect for the power of knowledge.”

The press release also states Lynn studies ancient mysteries. Lynn published a book titled “The Anunnaki Connection.” The book details the past civilization of the Anunnaki and its relation to the present. Due to Lynn’s studies, the world of archaeology has developed a different understanding of past civilizations.

“I am thrilled to share my passion for uncovering the mysteries of our past with a wider audience,” Lynn said. “It’s an honor to represent Lima on a global stage and to bring a piece of our hometown into the living rooms of viewers around the world.”

Throughout the episode, Lynn will discuss the Sumerian civilization. The episode will cover theories about their pantheon gods.

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