City establishes budget for 2024

LIMA — Lima City Council approved the city’s final budget for 2024 at a meeting Monday night.

City departments presented their budget reports from 2023 and shared their requests for 2024 at finance meetings in January, but council approved them following the meeting’s agenda.

For all departments and funds, the total requested budget for 2024 amounted to $144,368,840, an increase from 2023’s total budget of $138,535,599, a number that the city agreed to.

This year’s general fund budget will be $48,054,611, an increase from last year’s budget of $46,262,901.

Among the expenses that saw a decrease in funding from last year’s opening budgets were capital reserve, the Community Improvement Corporation, Schoonover Pool, building/zoning and finance.

Expenses seeing an increase in funding will include council, public works, mayor, auditor, finance, law director, judges, human resources, civil service, taxation, court clerk, engineering, hall of justice, municipal center, workforce and small business development, communications, police, fire, community development, recreation, parks, streets, the county health board, computer maintenance, contingency, transfers out and streetscape maintenance.

Outside of the general fund, money for the water fund, the sewer fund and the refuse fund will all increase.

Other funds set to increase include indigent alcohol treatment, storm water management, the street repair fund, recreational activity, pretrial services program, land utilization, weed/property clean-up, the state highway fund, IT services, public works gasoline, spec assessment debt service and legal research/computer.

Other funds scheduled for a decrease include guaranteed water deposits, municipal probation services, alcap operations and courts-special projects.

For more information, visit the city website’s budget page.

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