‘Change is easy, but transition is hard’

LIMA — The change of leadership is inevitable in any sector. The most important thing is the preparation for it to come. Local business leaders learned about the transition of leadership from Ann Welly, the new president of All Service Glass. Welly recently became president of All Service Glass as the successor of her father, Eric Wiechart. The Lima/ Allen Chamber of Commerce held its monthly Wake, Rattle and Roll featuring Welly as the speaker along with additional sponsors.

“Transition is hard,” Welly said. “For people in organizations and as individuals do not like the process of change. They are resistant even when it is good for them — the reality is people do not resist the change itself. It is a psychological process of change.”

Welly said the company Aileron provided the support Wiechart and Welly needed to make the full transition. Welly also said the organization helps business owners achieve control and balance in their company. As All Service Glass made its transition from one generation to the next, Aileron advised Wiechart to hire a good lawyer, attorney and psychologist.

“He (the Aileron president) said it is the hardest thing you are ever going to do,” Welly said. “It was the first time we realized how purposeful and intentional we had to be when it came to the transition of All Service Glass.”

Welly also said not only does the leadership experience a sense of loss but employees do, as well.

“People like change once it is done,” Welly said. “They want to change or improve but prefer to avoid that transition. It often paralyzes people in organizations.”

Welly also said to prepare employees, the leaders informed them in advance of the change and completed a course together.

The Lima/Allen County Chamber members also heard from representatives from other organizations including Rhodes State College.

“Nine out of 10 people who graduate from Rhodes State College stay in this region after they get their degree or certificate,” Vice President for Institutional Advancement Kevin Reeks said. “An investment in education at Rhodes State College is really an investment in our region.”

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