Lima Senior audio engineering students share their knowledge

LIMA — Five students from Lima Senior High School’s Audio Engineering program on Wednesday made a short trip down the road to South Science and Technology Magnet School, where they helped sixth-graders learn how to make their own electronic musical instruments.

According to South music teacher Kara Place, the high school students assisted their younger counterparts in identifying and assembling components contained in commercial music kits sold under the “Little Bits” brand. The kits contain tiny speakers to amplify sounds made when oscillators are connected to a standard 9-volt battery and other components. By experimenting with the pattern in which components are connected the students were able to produce a wide array of sounds with various pitches and tones from their instruments.

Place said the magnet school has worked closely with the LSH Audio Engineering class for a a couple of years.

“We have an ongoing relationship with Paul Eckert and the program and I hope we continue it and build upon it,” Place said. “When we (the sixth-graders) get our projects completed we will send them over to Mr. Eckert’s class for feedback from the high schoolers.

Lima South, according to the district’s website, is one of just four K-8 science and technology schools in the state and offers daily experiences in hands-on science and technology labs.