Mercy Health-St. Rita’s holds meet and greet to focus on heart health

LIMA — The second month of the year is dedicated to promoting healthy hearts. Mercy Health-St. Rita’s Medical Center held an event Monday morning to speak to community members about the topic.

“Today we kind of had a meet and greet,” Health Coordinator Anisha Pridgen said. “We are just educating people on the events we are having in the community for the year, talking a little bit about heart health and introducing them to the community health impact.”

Representatives from St. Rita’s greeted community members who walked into Our Town Roast and provided free coffee. Participants learned the importance of exercising and tracking cholesterol. The Community Impact team through St. Rita’s hopes to provide community members with resources to improve their overall health.

“We want to help people meet their social determinants,” Pridgen said. “For example, employment, housing. Are there any barriers to transportation? Because if those things are not addressed, how can I focus on your health?”

The organization will continue to host events throughout the year including smoking cessation classes and more.

“We will continue to have our café conversations every third of the month where we talk about some important chronic conditions,” Pridgen said. “Next month we will be talking about colorectal awareness. We will have the back-to-school event in August, a block party in September, a cancer event in October and Thanks the Mercy Way in November.”

For more information on future events or health reach Anisha Pridgen at [email protected].