Land transfers, Feb. 1-7

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the three weeks running Feb. 1 through Feb. 7. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Jarrell, Linda J AKA Et Al/Jarrell, Linda Et Al/Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar/Jarrell, Forest Decd Et Al to New Life Assembly Church, 1015 E. Kibby St., Lima, $26,947

Larick Family Trust/Larick, Ben H Trustee to JNK Properties LLC, 573 W. Spring St., Lima, $6,400

Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Temple Nance, Shirley Decd Et Al/Nance, Shirley Temple Decd Et Al to Gibson, Sherman, 786 Holly St., Lima, 790 Holly St., Lima, $2,300

Stoner, Gary T Sr/Stoner, Cecilia A to Critelli, Shane/Critelli, Ashley, 1415 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $217,500

Estate of Jan F Selby/Selby, Jan F Estate/Selby, Jan Francis AKA Estate/Estate of Jan Francis Selby AKA/Schoenbrod, David S Executor to First National Bank of America, 900 Richie Ave., Lima, $34,500

Downey, Jennifer to Wende Investments LLC, 444 N. McDonel St., Lima, $45,000

McKinney, Bryan J/McKinney, Brian AKA to Kesner, Paul, 575 W. Hazel Ave., Lima, 570 W. Hazel Ave., Lima, $70,000

Bowsher, Emily Suzanne to Posey, Kathi, 1525 Lowell Ave., Lima, $194,000

Sharpe, Joyce Trustee/Sharpe Family Revocable Living Trust to Hannah Nguyen Inc, 2165 Elida Road, Lima, $299,000

Lima Ohio Investment Group LLC to Roebuck, Nick, 946 N. West St., Lima, $44,000


Homan, Patricia A to Wechta, Jacob A, 2520 Chesterton Drive, Lima, $117,500

Billingsley, Betsy J to Bonfield, Melissa, 122 Parakeet Place, Lima, $140,000

Crawford, Christine L to 3CD Properties, LLC, Hillsdale Avenue, Lima (5.85 acres), $21,400

Ehora, Nicholas J Jr/Ehora, Michael L/Ehora, Peggy A to Heringhaus, Jason A, 2275 N. Cable Road, Lima (Building 8, Unit 149), $73,500

Colvin, Brandon E/Colvin, Connie/Hoover, Courtney/Hoover, Jeremy to Stone, Mandy Rae, 3969 Sunnydale St., Lima, $273,800

Morrisey, David G Co-Trustee/Morrisey Preservation Trust to Jones, Cheryl A/Jones, Eric A Sr, 1844 Arlington Drive, Lima, $160,000

Mild, April/Braun, April FKA/Mild, Gregory to Boroff, Karla, 4865 East Road, Lima, $180,000

Bates, Timothy W to Lohb LLC, 469 St. Clair Ave., Lima, $60,000

Snapp, Wilma Administrator/Prowant, Kevin L AKA Estate/Estate of Kevin Lee Prowant/Estate of Kevin L Prowant AKA/Prowant, Kevin Lee Estate to Miller, Breanna Leann, 449 St. Clair Ave., Lima, $155,000

Roznowski, David J/Roznowski, Heather A to Totally Invested LLC, 1800 Elida Road, Lima, 1840 Elida Road, Lima (5.49 acres), $160,000


Marshall, Denver to Titus, Gregory John/Titus, Chastity Renee, 9250 Harrod Road, Harrod, $115,000


U.S. Bank National Association to Burrell, Jo Lynn, 3680 E. Bluelick Road, Lima, $121,600

Chiles, Matthew/Chiles, Michelle/Borer, Michelle FKA to Roose, Lynn Rae/Gray, Adrian Christopher, 2564 Autumn Ridge Drive, Lima, $270,000


Osborn, Sue E Executor/Estate of Harry L Osborn/Osborn, Harry L Estate to Noble, Makayla/Noble, Skyler, 506 Hunters Run, Bluffton, $193,900

Noble, Skyler F/Noble, Makayla to Smith, Larry S/Smith, Heidi K, 183 Hillcrest Drive, Bluffton, $220,000


Falcon Supply LLC to Benroth, Todd, 126 S. Perrysburg Road, Cairo, $152,500


Beckmann, Donald J/Beckmann, Cheryl A to WAC Trio Investments, LLC, 1004 Elida Road, Delphos, $350,000

Siefker, Ryan G/Siefker, Britney to Vance, Kenneth, 526 N. Franklin St., Delphos, $18,000


Armentrout, Richard H/Armentrout, Cynthia to Bailey, Troy, 3921 E. State Road, Lima, $220,000

Brouse, Keith Successor Co-Trustee/Brouse, Bruce Successor Co-Trustee/Thelma E Brouse Revocable Living Trust to Triple T Land & Cattle LLC, Ramsey Road, Columbus Grove (52.67 acres), $457,600


Darr Irrevocable Heritage Trust/Pautler, Richard Trustee to Stolly, Kevin/Stolly, Lori, 105 Hawthorne Drive, Lima, $525,000

Private Selling Officer Beth Rose/Rex-Larue, Jenifer A to Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, 1522 Southwood Drive, Lima, $132,600

Redlin, Jason D to Shah, Anuj, 2897 Riverwalk Blvd., Lima, $374,000

Johnson, Henry/Johnson, Kianna to Rodmaker, Joe, 2257 Arcadia Ave., Lima, $210,000

Wheeler, Brian A/Wheeler, Stacie L to Smith, Austin/Smith, Courtney, Shawnee Road, Lima (1 acre), $30,000

Michael, Ricky E to Arant, Natalie R/Arant, Nathan T, 1271 Wayside Drive, Lima, $257,500

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Deeds `43`78`75

Mortgage `41`39`36

Land contracts `0`1`0

Releases `29`38`53

Uniform commercial code `2`0`2

Terminations `2`0`0

Miscellaneous `34`62`40

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