Land transfers, Jan. 4-10

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the three weeks running Jan. 4 through 10. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Gubanche, Nathan Etal/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Gubanche, Crystal to Elite Property Management & Development LLC, 317 N. Baxter St., Lima, $4,000

Evans, Richard Lee/Evans, Richard L AKA to Great Lima Acquisition Group, LLC, 1121 E. Second St., Lima, $32,500

Gumm, Richard Ted AKA/Gumm, Ted/Gumm, Lou-Ann to Upshaw, Tiffany J, 1372 Latham Ave., Lima, $50,000

Griesdorn, Sean R/Griesdorn, Allison to Horrison, Scott/Peoples, Mildred, 406 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $174,500

Kraetschmer, Edward C to JM Spring Street Properties, LLC, 681 W. Spring St., Lima, $25,000

Denney, Jessica Trustee/1534 W. High Trust to Nolte, Halena J, 1534 W. High St., Lima, $125,000

Ritchie, Thomas/Ritchie, Thomas D AKA to Reinicke, Daniel E/Reinicke, Patricia K, 804 W. North St. and 315 N. Baxter St., Lima, $360,000

Estate of Carol J Koontz/Koontz, Henry A Administrator/Koontz, Carol J Estate to Faith in Action Trust/Gilles, Jean Wallenstein Trustee/Wallenstein Gilles, Jean Trustee, 808 W. Wayne St., Lima, $34,400

Krile, Joshua/Bronder, Lindsey to Courtney, Austin J, 601 S. Cable Road, Lima, $200,000

Ross, John E AKA/Ross, John Emery/Ross, Sheryl A to Crawford, Jerry/Crawford, Louisa Lucinda, 568 Orena Ave., Lima, $95,000

Hullinger, Sylvia J/Hullinger, Syliva AKA to Libert, James A, 360 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $55,000

R & J Realty Investments, LLC to Goode, Calvin, 705 Michael Ave., Lima, $7,500


Kirwan, Gregory A/Kirwan, Sandra A to Coburn-Vermillion, Kaitlin Jo/Maddamma, Enzo, 2033 Morning Glory Drive, Lima, $370,000

Heatwole, Michael Lee/Heatwole, Deborah to Williams, Robert T/Williams, Lori V, 4415 Neely Road, Lima, $265,000

Country Aire Properties, LLC to Built Rite Builders, LLC, 3730 Comanche Drive, Lima, $64,900


Gish, Joseph F Trustee/Jospeh F. Gish Living Trust/Joseph F. Gish Living Trust to Hollinger Rental, LLC, 2560 Stewart Road, Lima, $103,000

Compton, Jamie/Compton, Jessica to Phalen, Jessica, 1007 Grant St., Lima, $143,400

Grubb, Margaret J/Grubb, Michael F/Taylor, Margaret J NKA/Taylor, Paul J Jr to Metz, Emily/Metz, Raymond, 870 Yorkshire Drive, Lima, $175,000


TTS Rental Properties to Niese Investment Properties II, LLC, 319 N. Main St., Bluffton, $454,000

Tony Chavez Properties, LLC to Young, Luke A, 105 E. Elm St., Bluffton, $90,000


Meyer, Brandon G to Dellinger, Elizabeth Christy/Garza, Alex E, 1250 Fort Jennings Road, Delphos, $190,000

Dray, John W to Carnahan, America L/Carnahan, Austin Michael, 228 E. Third St., Delphos, $80,000


Kerr, Brandon/Kerr, Jennifer to Shrider, Jeffrey/Shrider, 3223 Cremean Road, Lima, $229,000


Miller, Marvin D to Bicknell, Miles Lowell, 100 Mill St., Cairo, $80,000


Colony Park to SOC Colony, LLC, 3320 Harding Highway, Lima, $3,572,500


Verhoff, Gregory P/Verhoff, Jamie L to G & R Farm, 7250 Lugabill Road, Bluffton, $511,500


Stedke, Daven E Trustee/Catahoula Revocable Living Trust to Kesani, Sai Varna/Vallamkondu, Nagasrikar, 2669 Summer Rambo Court, Lima, $344,000

O’Leary, Elijah/O’Leary, Madison to Pyles, Kaia Cree, 4206 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $149,900

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week (Jan. 4-10)

Deeds `54`61`47

Mortgage `33`38`46

Land contracts `1`1`0

Releases `50`22`40

Uniform commercial code `1`0`0

Terminations `0`0`1

Miscellaneous `35`34`45

Military discharges `1`0`5