Emmanuel Curtis honored for mentoring youth

LIMA — The legacy of leadership and mentorship is echoing throughout the city. On Wednesday evening, Emmanuel Curtis was honored as the recipient of the Shirley Daley Leadership Award. Curtis received $1,500 to donate to the nonprofit Jegna Corporation.

For over 20 years, Curtis has dedicated his life to helping youth. His inspiration for the work that he does began with the guidance he received as an adolescent.

“It was not just about my parents; it was about my community and my neighborhood,” Curtis said. “I was born and raised on the south side and I love my neighborhood. There were always family and friends who always poured into and invested in me. I spend a lot of time focusing on it because it was a crucial part of my life. It helped create my identity, build confidence and help me establish a purpose.”

Curtis currently works as the coordinator for the C-Tag program in the Lima City Schools. According to a recent press release, he also donates his time as a coach and a mentor at the Juvenile Detention Center. Curtis also volunteers at North Middle School and My Brother’s Keeper.

The Shirley Daley Community Foundation has given this award to many others like Curtis for 24 years. The organization was created in honor of Shirley Daley. Her children now honor community members who model the same efforts and contributions as their mom.

“The foundation was established in 1999 by our father, Charles Daley, and our family, to honor all the books that our mother was involved in, in the community to continue her legacy of service,” President Jacque Daley-Perrin said. “She was very focused on issues related to racism, ending violence, involving youth, trying to help impact the community, mentoring people, and just really making Lima a better place. We have provided seed money for the last 24 years to nonprofits. We also created this award to honor people who are doing good works.”

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