Land transfers, Nov. 16-22

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the three weeks running Nov. 16 through Nov. 22. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Goodin, Ricky G/Ferguson, Debra Ann/Ferguson, Debra Ann Attorney In Fact/Ferguson, Colan to McVicker, Jefferson/Lamb, Hailey, 2129 Morris Ave., Lima, $24,200

Wiechart Investment Properties, LLC/Wiechart Investment Properties, LLC WTTA to Surface, Valerie Denise, 3746 Yale Ave., Lima, $184,000

SS Quality Homes LLC to Double R Investments LLC, 535 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $40,000

Points, Ronda/Points, Carla to Double R Estates LLC, 1002 W. High St., Lima, $30,000

Sassi, Larry D/Sassi, Louise A to Kephart, Jennifer, 743 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $59,000

Skipworth, Bobbie to McLaurin, Kevin, 1007 E. Second St., Lima, $14,000

Estate of Helen M Drexler/Drexler, Helen M Estate/Drexler, Thomas R Executor to Lange, Corie, 4077 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $120,000

Northrup Group, LLC to Thomas, Helen M/Thomas, Helen Marie AKA, 529 N. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $110,000

Barhorst, Hailie to M4 Builders LLC, 172 S. Perry St., Lima, $65,000

Houston, Jon to Baksa, Lily, 2001 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $135,000

Raver, Douglas G/Inskeep, Christian A Attorney In Fact to Angle, Britton K/Angle, Allison L, 161 S. Cable Road, Lima, $145,500

McGue, Matthew to Vision 4 Investments, LLC, 1291 Fairgreen Ave., Lima, $105,000

Walkup, Jessica A/Walkup, Shayne T to Miller, Anthony J/Reynolds, Kristy L, 5177 Shoshone Trail, Lima, $420,000

Mallett, Adam G/Mallett, Jodie M to Smith, Darren/Smith, Richelle S, 1644 Northbrook Drive, Lima, $250,000

Gillis, John A/Gillis, Patricia C to Huffman, Terry L/Huffman, Connie L, 2506 Alexandria Drive, Lima, $265,000

Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar/Edgington, Maxine Et Al to Rumbaugh Properties, LLC, 171 N. Dana Ave., Lima, $58,500

Pool 6 Properties, LLC/MRP Flyover Fund, LLC to Quail Run of Imperial, LLC, 771 Lost Creek Blvd., Lima, $1,610,900

Wilkins, Cassondra to Uprise Investments LLC, 2962 Canterbury Drive, Lima, $80,000

Double R Estate LLC to Stahl, Michael, 1002 W. High St., Lima, $36,000

Williams, Deborah Ann Trustee/Phyllis J Dietrich Irrevocable Trust to Leis, Andrew M/Leis, Chelsea L, 340 Ponderosa Trail, Lima, $340,000

Hutchins, Joseph L/Hutchins, Brooke to James, Michael A, 1040 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $65,000

Myers, Atiya/Grant, Durelle/Myers, Atiya Attorney In Fact to Trabanino, Cidia Julieta, 617 Michael Ave., $26,500

Seelenbinder, Shirley Trustee/Shirley Sellenbinder Living Trust to Kent, Douglas B/Kent, Judith L, 4072 Brookshire Drive, Lima, $315,000

Reisel, Janice L/Reinsel, Thomas A/Hefner, Angela S/Hefner, Dennis L/Cummans, J Scott/Cummans, Joann D/Kelley, Sharon/Kelley, William S/Cooley, David/Cooley, Luz Amada/Cooley, Kevin/Cooley, Barbara A/Franklin Dean Cooley Trust/Cooley, Kevin Trustee to Rosewood Assets LLC, 1910 Rice Ave., Lima, $138,000

Family Forerunners, LLC to Sea to Sea Real Estate Inc., 508 S. Collins Ave., Lima, $109,900

Parkside Development Group, LLC to Fuerst, Michael G/Fuerst, Julie M, 2730 N. Eastown Road, Lima (2 parcels), $135,000

Davis, Deborah K to Heise, George Jr, 530 W. Kildare Ave., Lima, $40,000

MSB Investments Lima LLC/MSB Investment Lima, LLC WTTA to Family Forerunners LLC, 616 Tremont Ave., Lima, $60,000


Smith, Melinda L to Cox, Larry/Cox, Amy, Fort Amanda Road, Lima (1 parcel), $74,000

Sutter, Randy/Sutter, Nikki to Sutter, Glenn, North St. Marys Road, Spencerville (1 parcel), $30,000


Sweigart, Joseph/Sweigart, Michelle to Tolliver, Christopher R/Tolliver, Jessica, 1541 N. Cole St., Lima, $42,000

Colburn, Steve/Colburn, Debra Lynn to Hesse, Maryann, 1125 W. Bluelick Road, Lima, $192,000

Lehman, Brenda J/Lehman, Brenda AKA/Blaine, Jennifer Attorney In Fact to Perkins, Jacob, 212 S. Greenlawn Ave., Lima, $78,000


Tull, Abigail G to 2200 Allentown, LLC, 2525 Harding Highway, Lima, $25,000

Caudill, William H to Calvert, Dalton K, 3473 N. Dixie Highway, Lima, $45,700


Benz, Todd to Sadler, Jill M, 4888 Amaryllis St., Elida, $212,000

Leis, Andrew/Leis, Chelsea to Bollenbacher, Valerie, 102 Roger St., Lima, $180,000


Orick, Monica E to Second Chance Property Rehab, 2117 Britt Ave., Lima, $140,000


Arnold, Robyn C/Arnold, Steven F to Arnold, Gregory L, 2820 Swaney Road, Harrod, $58,200


D.J. Acres, LLC/Clinton Lisa M/Bleke, Amy J/Schweller, Todd J to Roediger, Douglas L Co-Trustee/Roediger, Michelle M Co-Trustee/Roediger Revocable Living Trust, Southworth Road, Delphos, $1,079,000

Hohlbein, Bonnie R to Hohlbein, Alexander/Hohlbein, Bonnie R, Acadia Road, Delphos (1 parcel), $37,000


Stossel, Joseph A Jr/Stossel, Joseph Andrew Jr AKA/Stossel, Anna M/Stossel, Anna Marie AKA to Tippie, Kodi Hendrix/Rogers, Venus, 6255 Ottawa Road, Lima, $185,000


Kitson, Mark A to EPS Investments LLC, 3820 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $380,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week (Nov. 16-22)

Deeds `95`63`75

Mortgage `75`56`44

Land contracts `0`0`0

Releases `66`47`118

Uniform commercial code `1`2`2

Terminations `0`1`0

Miscellaneous `60`34`47

Military discharges `2`0`2