Jordan: In Ohio, we grow things

LIMA — While visiting a new hog farm in Allen County, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Urbana) shared the importance of the Agriculture Industry in Ohio.

“The biggest industry in our state is agriculture,” Jordan said. “It is always good to come out and talk with the Farm Bureau folks and see what’s happening in our district. The fourth district of Ohio is one of the top manufacturing districts in the country but it is also a big agriculture district — In Ohio, we make things and grow things. It is a sort of manufacturing and agriculture.”

Farm owner Kyle Stockton said the farm will open in just a few short weeks. It will hold around 2,400 18 to 21-day-old pigs. From the farm, the pigs are sent to a butcher plant to be sold across the nation.

Jordan also honored Mike Johnson (R-La) after his election to Speaker of the House. Johnson was voted to the seat at the end of October.

“Mike is a great guy, a solid Christian fellow and a good friend,” Jordan said. “He was on the judiciary committee. He is an accomplished lawyer who had his arguing cases in front of the Supreme Court. He will do a great job. I think he is the kind of person you want in that position.”

Jordan and a few others also ran for the seat. Johnson was selected after weeks of the House of Representatives not having a speaker. Jordan spoke on the recent attacks in Israel and the Biden Administration.

“In almost three years of the Biden administration, we have gone from a secure border to no border,” Jordan said. “We went from safe streets to record crime. We went from $2 gas to three, four or $5 gas. And we went from stable prices to record inflation — finally is just this weakness that is projected from the Biden White House, internationally. I would argue that is the reason you saw Russia do what it did in Ukraine. It is why you saw Hamas this evil group do what they did to our best friend, Israel. It is because in many ways Joe Biden just projects weakness compared to the strength that we saw from President Trump.”

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