Land transfers, Nov. 9-15

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the three weeks running Nov. 9 through Nov. 15. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Boyer, Jeremy Scott/Boyer, Kristina M to Stine, Garrin A, 523 S. Collins Ave., Lima, $110,500

Schimpf, Steven M/Schimpf, Vicki L/Schimpf, Timothy J/Edgecomb, Kathleen M/Edgecomb, Jack L/Schimpf, Matthew J/Schimpf, Jennie Ann/Schimpf, Joseph P/Schimpf, Melissa S/VanSchoyck, Mary A/VanSchoyck, Donald R Jr/Schimpf, Mark J/Schimpf, Jenny D to Williams, Linda/Williams, Linda M AKA/Schimpf, Linda A FKA, 447 W. McKibben St., Lima, $60,000

Foust, Stephanie Y/O’Conner, Stephanie Y FKA to Fisher, Zyshone, 825 Burch Ave., Lima, $138,000

Harklau, Elaine/Harklau, Elaine M AKA/Harklau, Michelle Attorney In Fact/Shamroski, Stephanie Attorney In Fact to Weichart Investment Properties LLC, 3746 Yale Ave., Lima, $87,000

Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar/Pack, Tina M Et Al to Binkley, Tyler, 578 N. McDonel St., Lima, $31,100

Benavidez, Carlos to Sachetti, Thomas, 520 S. Pears Ave., Lima, $65,000

Starr, Robert N Jr to Ward, Barry Jr/Lee, Marquis, 385 S. McDonel St., Lima, $18,000

May, Ruth L/May, Greg/May, Todd/McCann, Gwen/May, Jeannine S/Mason, Randall S Attorney In Fact/May, Denise L/May, Lizete/McCann, Michael to Team Ten Investments, Inc., Hillsdale Avenue, Lima (1 parcel), $36,000

Nardini, Paul K/Nardini, Vicki L to Valley, Victoria L/Valley, Gabriel P, 1600 Fairway Drive, Lima, $373,000

Covay, Joseph/Covay, Ashley to Norton, Zachery, 715 N. Main St., Lima, $42,500

Berens, Michelle L/Hinegardner, Michelle L AKA/Berens, John to Boyer, Jeremy S/Boyer, Kristina M, 108 Kensington Circle, Lima, $212,500

Saw Westimber Court, LLC to Johns, Steven, Westimber Court, Lima (1 parcel), $50,000

Geiser, Deron/Geiser, Michele to Iiames, Dawn, 225 Barnsbury Drive, Lima, $210,000

Kruger, Brenda A to Moyer, Kerry/Moyer, Danielle, 506 Fenway Drive, Lima, $148,000

Miller, Joseph/Miller, Rebekah to Factor, Quintin R, 1169 Rice Ave., Lima, $138,500

Stephens, Cole/Stephens, Nicole/Stephens, Scott/Stephens, Joan to Brenneman, Russell C Jr/Brenneman, Lori L, 828 Richie Ave., Lima, $118,900

Shook, Josie Lynn to Freed, Nathan Michael Alexander, 1751 Tahoe Place, Lima, $255,000

Pratt, Tyler L to Brown, Gage A/Shellenbarger, M’Caila M/Shellenbarger, Mcaila M, 966 Crestwood Drive, Lima, $140,500

Nigh, Scott A/Nigh, Letitia to Cook, Sean A, 532 S. Baxter St., Lima, $129,900

McKee, Michael K/McKee, Leslie to Jegna Corporation, 1307 St. Johns Ave., Lima, $6,100

Dechon, Darrell/Wheelock Miranda, Aracely/Miranda, Aracely Wheelock to Wash, Orlando, 609 E. Third St., Lima, $36,000


Brown, Steven P/Brown, Jessica to McJunkin, Justin/Rex, Rachael M/Rex, Rachael AKA, 2929 S. Sunderland Road, Lima, $225,000

Heidlebaugh Farm, LLC to TS Strayer Family Farms, LLC, Allentown Road, Spencerville (3 parcels), $3,600,000


Parker, Seth Gregory/Walter, Rachel L to Parker, Jason W/Parker, Rachael A, 1528 Latham Ave., Lima, $115,000


Swank, Kimberly J Executor/Estate of Jane E Funk/Funk, Jane E Estate to Swank, Jeffrey M/Swank, Kimberly J, 108 Sally Lane, Bluffton, $182,500


Brooks, Misty to Wheeler, Joseph, 453 E. Cleveland St., Delphos, $14,500

Teresa R. Schrader Irrevocable Trust/Schrader, James L Trustee/Schrader, Chad A Trustee/Schrader, Andrew N Trustee to Fitzwater, Rebecca, 1134 Spencerville Road, Delphos, $187,000


Stocke, Randall O/Stocke, Cheryl L to Walters, Philip Alan/Walters, Jordin P, 5637 Clover Ridge Drive, Lima, $313,000


Yoakam, Dennis L Administrator/Estate of Danny Joe Yoakam/Yoakam, Danny Joe Estate to Lange, Tod E/Lange, Jan C, 5276 Norfolk St., Lima, $45,600


Five D Farms, LLC to Schantz, William R Trustee/William R Schantz Living Trust, 6225 Harding Highway, Lima, $100,000


Core, James Allen/Edwards, Janet Marie/Edwards, Lloyd to Burkholder, Craig D/Burkholder, Donna J, East Lincoln Highway, Lima (2 parcels), $924,500


Mayer, Donald Sr AKA/Mayer, Donald/Fowler, Carol L/Guy, Marline/Richards, Darla/Richards, Robert to Mayer, Donald Jr, 1301 S. Perry St., Lima (2 parcels), $69,000

Sherer, Jean Ann/Sherer, Dee/Kiracofe, Jean A AKA to Nanchoff, Travis E, 4455 McClain Road, Lima, $81,000


Cassell, Patricia S to Taylor, Madison/Brown, Gavin, 3737 Fort Amanda Road, Lima, $205,000

Plontz, Nicholas C/Plontz, Alyssa to Kosch, April, 4242 Fort Amanda Road, Lima, $200,000

Brooks, Steven P/Brooks, Dawn L to Jarvis, Jaclyn, 1529 Shawnee Road, Lima, $371,000

Lange, Tod E/Lange, Jan C to Long, Gail A, 2418 Adgate Road, Lima, $60,000


Alex Rose, LLC/Schwinnen, Irma R Life Estate to Schwinnen, Timothy J/Schwinnen, Deanne M, 14165 West Union Road, Spencerville, $291,400


O’Neill Construction Service, Inc. to Heidlebaugh, Susan, 213 W. First St., Spencerville, $215,000

England, Terry L/England, Terri J to J.R. Real Estate Two, LLC, 203 S. Mulberry St., Spencerville, $40,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week (Nov. 9-15)

Deeds `71`53`63

Mortgage `58`42`56

Land contracts `0`3`0

Releases `47`55`47

Uniform commercial code `1`1`2

Terminations `1`1`1

Miscellaneous `36`39`34

Military discharges `2`0`0