Lima introduces kayak rentals at Schoonover Lake

LIMA — The season of outdoor fun is not over yet. The city of Lima has announced a new recreational activity available at Schoonover Lake. Kayak rentals are now available for community members to use. The mayor’s press conference was held at the lake to debut the new equipment.

“Kayak rentals are now available at Schoonover Lake Park thanks to a partnership we have with rent.funapp,” Mayor Sharetta Smith said. “Anyone who would like to enjoy water recreation here at Schoonover Park can simply download the app on their phone, create an account or scan the QR code on the equipment locker.”

The kayaks will be available for rent until the winter and will return in the spring. The rental comes equipped with a paddle, life jacket and kayak.

“We ask all users who have paddled to their heart’s content to simply return the equipment to the locker,” Smith said. “The cost for the rental is $15 per hour and there are four kayaks available.”

The goal of the addition was to provide more outdoor recreational activities for community members.

“We believe with the fishing that is going on here at the fishing dock that the kayaks have just added a great bonus to our facility,” Park Ranger Randy Kohli said. “Folks can come to Schoonover Lake. They can fish, enjoy and have a good time.”

Kohli also said if the kayak rental is successful the company will bring more to the lake for use. Community members are welcome to utilize the available kayaks as well as bring their own to the park.

“They start out with four but they may add on in the future depending on the number of residents who will use it,” Kohli said. “This is the best lake to kayak on because it is 20 acres. It is one of the largest lakes we have and it works out really nice.”

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