Land transfers, Sept. 14-20

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the three weeks running Sept. 14 through Sept. 20. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Wilms, Loren P/Wilms, Sheilia to Godeke, Kathie E, 1704 Rice Ave., Lima, $156,000

Moneer, Sarah L/Burt, Amy E Attorney In Fact/Moneer, Tarry Attorney In Fact/Moneer, Thomas A Sr to Wiechart Investment Properties, LLC, 1632 W. Wayne St., Lima, $74,000

Randall Bearings, Inc. to Lima Refining Company, 1046 Greenlawn Ave., Lima, $1,500,000

Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar/Ritchey, Terrina L Et Al/Ritchey, Todd A Sr Et Al to Bank of New York Mellon Trustee/Bank of New York FKA/GE-WMC Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates/Series 2006-1, 1830 Idlewild Drive, Lima, $81,999

Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC to Roman, June Rojo, 601 Fairview Ave., Lima, $10,500

NR Investments, LLC to Brown Real-Estate Holdings, LLC, 900 W. Wayne St., Lima, $90,000

Kahle, Frank D/Kahle, Mary L to Stevenson, Cindy M/Stevenson, Jack, 1367 Timberlane Drive, Lima, $270,000

Unverferth Construction, Inc. to Magnus, Herbert Ray/Walker, Thomas Bradley, 4074 Cypress Drive, Lima, $25,000

Unverferth Construction, Inc. to Magnus, Herbert Ray/Walker, Thomas Bradley, 4054 Cypress Drive, Lima, $25,000

Waltz, Deborah K to Coon, Lori A, 2037 Burch Ave., Lima, $53,000

Chan, Kayiu to Li, Jinzhong, 136 Valley Way, Lima, $78,100

Grand Curtis LLC to Cotter, Kyra J, 631 Hazel Ave., Lima, $117,500

Spechler, Arnold J to Ferguson, Karen/Ferguson, Steve, 1755 Shawnee Road, Lima, $90,000

Howell, Latasha Et Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Elite Property Management & Development, LLC, 754 Oak St., Lima, $30,600

MBB Futures, LLC/B2Bay, LLC to PJ and V LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Lima (2 parcels), $110,000

Browns Estates LLC to Moore, Jessica Janelle, 567 Hazel Ave., Lima, $119,000

Wright, Bradley R to Dima, Francisco/Dima, Stephanie, Itaska Avenue, Lima (2 parcels), $315,000

Hardy, R Barry/Hardy, Patricia P to S&J K Properties, LLC, 2335 Baton Rouge Ave., Lima (2 parcels), $400,000

Maywest Properties LLC to Kiss Rejuvenated Properties LLC, 728 N. West St., Lima, $42,000

FJF Properties LLC to 1590 Northwest LLC, West North Street, Lima (4 parcels), $105,000

Chambers, York Jr/Chambers, Evelyn J to Williams, Ronnie L, 319 E. Second St., Lima, $10,000

Beauford, Annetta Jo to Juniper, Steven, 1807 Zeits Ave., Lima, $5,000

Maywest Properties, LLC to Stahl, Michael, 513 W. Vine St., Lima, $45,000

Lawrence, Seyoum to K&K Lux Lifestyle Co. Limited, 320 Haller St., Lima, $20,000

MyCUMortgage, LLC to TSM Properties, Ltd, 659 Runyan Ave., Lima, $64,500

Vision 4 Investments, LLC to Finn, Andrew Jonathan, 1115 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $49,000


Stump, Terry A/Stump, Terry AKA/Stump, Gwendolyn J to D&S Investments of Lima, LLC, 600 S. Cable Road, Lima (2 parcels), $395,000


Moyer, Kerry M/Moyer, Danielle M to Heuerman, Alyssa/Heuerman, Garrett Alan, 937 S. Napoleon Road, Harrod, $339,000


Vorst, Patrick J/Vorst, Julia A to Cira, Paul M/Cira, Deanna M, Slabtown Road (1 parcel), $40,000


Schwieterman, Ryan S/Schwieterman, Brooke C to Hummer, Mark/Hummer, Jeanne, 1210 Grothause St., Delphos, $65,000

Becker, Aaron/Becker, Emily to Bockey, Mary, 420 E. Ninth St., Delphos, $20,000


Glenn, Larry Jr/Glenn, Bobbie Jean to McElroy, Tristan N, 2301 Britt Ave., Lima, $205,000


Fuesrst, Suzanne N/Derryberry, Suzanne N FKA/Fuerst, Alex L to Murphy, Kaylee D/Plummer, John C, 5190 Norfolk St., Lima, $165,000


Everhardt, Eileen Marie to Swaney, Brad A, 403 Park Ave., Lafayette, $150,000


Brenneman, Stanley G/Brenneman, Kim C to Fisher, Richard L/Fisher, Sheila M, 6658 Piquad Road, Lima, $165,000

Mosier, Diane to Brinkman, Todd A, 620 E. Jackson St., Delphos, $75,000


Jones, Shelly/Jones, Shari/Long, Tina/Jones, Ronald D/Long, Philip T to Copeland, Tim, 1122 S. Thayer Road, Lima, $125,000


Sommers, Violet Elaine/Atrhur, Patricia Ann/Burkholder, Bryan J/Burkholder, Chad A/Burkholder, Tiana/Sommers, Bruce/Arthur, Carey/Burkholder, Candace S/Burkholder, Kelly J to FCT Exchange, LTD, North Napoleon Road (1 parcel), Harrod, $422,100


Shivley, Jacob/Shivley, Destiny to Kindle, Austin Michael/Kindle, Cora Joyce, 1764 W. Breese Road, Lima, $225,000

Schroeder, Mark/Schroeder, Robin to Shivley, Jacob/Shivley, Destiny, 4333 Zurmehly Road, Lima, $259,900

Lopinski, Vicki Lynn/Lopinski, Raymond Glenn II to Wood, Steven M, 2000 W. Hume Road, Lima, $195,000


CSB Futures Ohio LLC to Gauthier, Christopher, 118 S. Pearl St., Spencerville, $77,500

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Mortgage `75`50`61

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