Land transfers, June 1-7

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running June 1 through 7. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Adams, David W to Eastside Apartments Of Lima, Ltd., 717 N. Jefferson St., Lima, $40,000

Bear, Linford D/Bear, Eldon D/Bear, Delia A/Bear, Kimberly to Andrade, Ernesto, 1212 W. High St., Lima, $110,000

Benedum, Rollie T Jr Et Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to U.S. Bank Trust National Association Owner Trustee/Legacy Mortgage Asset Trust 2018-Rpl2, 2011 W. Wayne St., Lima, $66,600

Bowers, Michael J/Bowers, Shannon M to Moyer, Nicole L/Moyer, Charles R III, 2280 W. Spring St., Lima, $300,000

Clary, Ruby A to Parker, Andrew, 760 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $125,000

Double R Investments LLC to Maroney, Mable, 1227 Leland Ave., Lima, $145,000

Estate Of Barbara J Sellars/Huffman, John C Administrator to Kistler, Joshua K, 1219 Virginia Ave., Lima, $30,000

Fleck, Harry A Jr/Fleck, Aimee to Compton, Jamie R Sr, 2240 Kunneke Ave., Lima, $57,000

Fletcher, Nayoka R to Bigboysgs, LLC, 805 Franklin St., Lima, $2,500

Haman, Heather C to County Line Investments. LLC, 110 S. Dana Ave., Lima, $57,000

Hobson, Amy G/Roe, Heather B/Roe, Jonathan/Hobson, Darcie A to Taylor, Yanya L/Hobson, Malik M, 708-710 W. Wayne St., Lima, $1,000

Investafund, LLC to Jumpx Real Estate Investment Company LLC, 315 W. Kibby St., Lima, $10,000

Johnson, Daivid A/Johnson, Shirley M to Knight, Willie, 768 Holly St., Lima, $2,000

Kayatin, Stephen M/Kayatin, Kathleen A to Matthews, Austin J/Matthews, Lydia Jane, 2005 Burch Ave., Lima, $158,000

Koontz, Henry A Administrator/Estate Of Carol Koontz to Gilles, Jean Wallenstein Trustee/Wallenstein Gilles, Jean Trustee/Faith In Acton Trust, 414 N. Collett St., Lima, $32,800

Manley, John L to Wilkins, Kathryn, 406 E. Third St., Lima, $33,000

Mills Second Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation to Neth Properties, LLC, 125 and 137 W. North St., Lima, $559,000

Moyer, Robert/Moyer, Kelly to Gearing, Blaine/Gearing, Michelle, 521 W. Northern Ave., Lima, $75,000

Nance, William K/Nance, Sarah J to Mault, Sydney Ann/Mault, Austin, 2301 University Blvd., Lima, $200,000

Reynolds, Nicholas L/Reynolds, Morgan to Hefner, Kyleigh Nicole/Binkley, Kevin Jr, 1547 W. Wayne St., Lima, $150,000

Simon, April D to Feltz, Gary E/Feltz, Heather L, 2321 Kunneka Ave., Lima, $118,000

Stump, Matthew T to Sdao, Tahler E, 3070 Jenny Place, Lima, $13,000

Tummel, Richard J/Tummel, Lauretta to Tummel, Aaron J/Tummel, Stephanie, 332 S. Collett St., Lima, $72,000


Bowman, David to Javadi, Shideh/Kachwalla, Hussain, 3680 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $314,000

Braun, Neal to Dickinson, Dana/Dickinson, Tricia M, 3670 N. Kemp Road (1 acre), Lima, $175,000

Brenneman Brothers to Vogel, Steven A/Vogel, Lisa L, Brower Road (12.9 acres), Lima, $128,500

Fairburn, Kenneth/Fairburn, Andrea to Welch, David, 1781 Robinhood Drive, Lima, $202,000

Hakin, John W/Hakin, Cindi L to Friemoth, Rachel Martha/Friemoth, John, 2891 Sherwood Drive, Lima, $239,500

HR Services Property, LLC to Pettigrew, Anthony, 4867 Brookhill Lane, Lima, $50,000

McMaken, Danielle L/McMaken, Nathan L to Grace, Matthew W, 501 Lawnwood Drive, Lima, $223,000

Pierson, Logan E to Parker, Roslyn K, 1590 Arlington Drive, Lima, $201,000

Williams, Debra to Schuh, Anthony J/Schuh, Taylor A, 4906 Sycamore St., Lima, $205,000


Bell, Kathy P Successor Trustee/William D And Joan E Bell Family Trust to Jennings, Drew Allen/Jennings, Kirsten Jane, 542 Fenway Drive, Lima, $203,000

Gomez, Robert Joseph/Gomez, Erin L to Rudasill, Easton/Roob, Alexis, 3053 Danny Drive, Lima, $229,000

Gottfried, Kersten A to Nicoll, Zachary L, 300 S. Leonard Ave., Lima, $7,500

Mauk, Robert J/Mauk, Kayla N to Gomez, Erin L/Gomez, Robert J, 3560 Stewart Road (2.3 acres), Lima, $360,000


Private Selling Officer Richard F Kruse/Walters, Diana Etal to Neuenschwander, Jerry Allen/Neuenschwander, Timothy, 310 E. Pearl St., Beaverdam, $26,460


Diller, Samuel W/Diller, Joan R to Bixel, Seth C/Bixel, Carol A, 215 Bentley Road, Bluffton, $259,900

Miles, Tracy A/Miles, Nancy J to Kaufman, Melinda Sue, West Riley Street, Bluffton, $260,000


Greaves, Nathan M/Greaves, Krystle B to Mosier, Nathan A, 434 S. Pierce St., Delphos, $135,000

Oberg, Anita K/Schwinnen, Daniel J/Wehri, Amy M/Moore, Karol M/Oberg, James D/Schwinnen, Julia A/Wehri, Anthony A to Schwinnen Electric, LLC, 603 E. Euclid Ave., Delphos, $22,500

Saum, Janine Executor/Saum, Rodger D Estate to Kenkade, LLC, 504 E. Eighth St., Delphos, $68,000

Zenz, Gale L McGue/Zenz, Raymond to Pohl, David C, 803 S. Washington St., Delphos, $103,000


Hays, Suzanne Carlson/Hays, John/Carlson, Anne/Carlson, Jordan C to Warner, James/Warner, Julie A, 2911 Hummingbird St., Lima, $385,000

Ricker, Mark A/Ricker, Paula L to Nolte, Kelsey R, 121 E. Main St., Elida, $190,000


Burgei Farms, LLC to Burgei, Joseph J, Redd Road (22 acres), Delphos, $205,900


Morman, Patricia to Busick, Karmen L, 10170 Ramsey Road (1.5 acres), Columbus Grove, $235,000

Opperman, Aron/Opperman, Megan C to Davis, Jenna A/Davis, Bryden N, Stadler Road (2.8 acres), Lima, $37,000


Capps, Norman B/Capps, Charlotte R to Myers, Timothy James Jr/Myers, Courtney N, Greely Chapel Road (4.1 acres), Lima, $40,000

Cork Associates, LLC to Stedke, Daven E Trustee/Catahoula Revocable Living Trust, 155 Eastom Circle, Lima, $286,200

Henderson, Joe T to Green, James E Jr, 2404 S. Main St., Lima, $29,000

Lehman Enterprises, LLC to Richards, Haylee A/Thomas, Rickie L, 4343 Bellefontaine Road (0.8 acres), Lima, $35,000


Gesler, Rodney Dean/Gesler, Mark Allen to Berling, Andrew C, 790 S. Copus Road (2 acres), Lima, $226,000

Kenner, Jason P/Kenner, Ciara to Gossard, Ashley M, 1447 Adak Ave., Lima, $178,900

Livingston, John R/Livingston, Alicia A to Swick, Dennis Michael/Swick, Cathy Lynn, 3001 Huron Place, Lima, $309,900

Novo, Richard/Novo, Patricia to First National Bank Of America, 1939 W.Hume Road, Lima, $41,000

Estate Of Barbara J Sellars/Huffman, John C Administrator to Kistler, Joshua K, 1652 Oak Woods Drive, Lima, $80,000


Union House Of Lima, LLC to Tippie, Taylor/Lacy, Chauntel, 432 E. Fourth St., Spencerville, $125,000


Sauder, Jonathan T to Kraft, Zachary F, 2990 W. State Road (4.3 acres), Lima, $275,000

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