New life in downtown, two sisters open plant shop Leaf & Luxe

LIMA — Life is much greener in downtown Lima with the addition of new plant shop Leaf & Luxe, located at 400 N. Main St. Sisters Miranda Oden and Melissa Sherrick opened the store a couple of months ago to become a part of the revitalization of the city.

The love for plants grew in the sisters’ lives following the passing of many family members. Oden and Sherrick decided to spread the joy they experienced by opening up a shop to those looking for a plant to bring home.

Oden said plants became therapeutic and something to “take care of” when she and her husband became empty nesters.

”I think that’s why plants are popular amongst women my age because it gives us something to nurture and care for and that’s how it started,” said Oden. “It was therapeutic and we just enjoyed doing it. I really did a lot of learning about plants. I think I’ve made every mistake there is to make so hopefully we can prevent everyone else from doing that.”

The sisters hope to add to the city by helping downtown become “walkable.”

“Little places like ours are what we need to make people venture away from the places that they’re visiting,” said Oden. “We’ve got a lot of great restaurants down here, but this is what we lack downtown. This has been our feedback: ‘Oh, we’re so glad you brought this to downtown because it is what downtown needs, little boutiques like this.’”

The sisters not only provide a place for customers to purchase their favorite plants but also consultation for anyone with questions.

”My advice for somebody who would like to have plants but they feel like they always kill things is to come in and talk to us,” said Oden. “Find out what kind of plant to start with. I think people buy plants based on what they look like. I was killing plants because I didn’t know. Once I started really learning about plants, and they learned their lighting requirements and their watering requirements they started thriving.”

While unboxing plant inventory from Florida, a small critter joined the Leaf & Luxe team. An anole lizard now known as Phil became a part of the family. Phil sits near the desk and greets customers.

”We named her Phil because she came in a Philodendron,” said Oden. “When we got her she was super dehydrated and didn’t look well at all and I was afraid she might die — Now she lives with us and she has kind of been our mascot.”

Leaf & Luxe will have its official Grand Opening on June 24. For more information visit the store’s website at

Reach Precious Grundy at 567-242-0351.