Land transfers, May 25-31

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running May 25 through 31. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


George, Linda S/George, Richard Bradley to SK & DD Enterprises LLC, 1155 W. Wayne St., Lima, $71,500

Lundy, Riana to SK & DD Enterprises LLC, 1130 Carlisle Ave., Lima, $55,000

Newman, Clyde E to Parks, Kim T, 931 Rice Ave., Lima, $18,000

Quatman, Matthew C/Quatman, Julie C to Quatman, Henry G/Quatman, Debra Ann, 731 Bentwood Ave., Lima, $265,000

Risser, Susan K to Risser, Tracy A, 739, 741 and 741 1/2 W. Spring St., Lima, $89,200

Robin Lamb Holdings, LLC to Lamb, Sean Co-Trustee/Lamb, Jennye Co-Trustee/S&J Holdings Revocable Living Trust, 445 and 451 S. Pine St., Lima, $55,000

Robinson, Andrea Lynn to SK & DD Enterprises LLC, 515 Prospect Ave., Lima, $60,000

Rower, Mark D/Rower, Beverly to Broadwater, Craig/Broadwater, Mechell, 1930 Hill crest Drive, Lima, $171,000

Staup, Janis to Walter, Sherry L, 331 S. Nixon Ave., Lima, $57,900

Stevenson, William G to Thomas, Jennifer R, 1307 Northwold St., Lima, $160,000

Store Fronts LLC to Hurst, Joseph/Fraley, Laura, 1020 N. McDonel St., Lima, $120,000


Johnston, Linda S/Johnston, Jon to Kubinski, Shannon M, 2145 S. Conant Road (0.7 acres), Spencerville, $30,000


Ansley, Thomas E/Ansley, Jarilyn L to Gossard Development LLC, 150 Hartford Court, Lima, $82,500

Bodine, Matthew John to Alt, Dale E Jr/Burklo, Cyndi L, 3021 Diller Road, Lima, $155,500

Brubaker, Mary E Trustee/Mary E Brubaker Living Trust to Hartman, Wesley D/Hartman, Elyse C, 3284 Diller Road (4.1 acres), Lima, $271,800

Emjo Investments, LLC to Kiene, Clayton, 3055 Vera Way, Lima, $145,000

Garrett, Paul Jason to Martino, Nicholas J, 1335 N. Stevick Road, Lima, $205,000

Leonhardt, David A/Leonhardt, Claudia L to Roberts, Dwane/Roberts, Rhonda L, 584 S. Fraunfelter Road (2.7 acres), Lima, $591,000

Schafer, Eileen/Stoll, Elizabeth A AIF/Birum, Dianne L AIF to Brenner, John, 1807 Arlington Drive, Lima, $149,900


Suarez, David/Suarez, Norma to Roberts, Nolan E/Roberts, Destiney D, McPheron Road, Lima, $25,000


Equity Trust Company Custodian/Debrosse, Christopher A Ira Fbo to Heffernan, Nathan, 102 Watt Ave., Lima, $115,000

Widener, Adena C to Burnell, Derrich, 1014 McKinley Ave., Lima, $10,000

Wireman, Donnie Administrator/Estate of Vaughn Wireman to Compton, Jamie, 1007 Grant St., Lima, $27,500


Bluffton 56 Investments, LLC to Neely, Jason E/Neely, Amanda L, 238 N. Lawn Ave,. Bluffton, $80,000

Bollenbacher, Duane R to Harbison, Justin/Harbison, Kayla, 480 Shannon St., Bluffton, $275,000

Reichenbach, Mona L to Palmateer, Adam J/Williams, Ragan M, 630 S. Main St. (0.7 acre), Bluffton, $285,000

Varner, Clyde/Varner, Michelle to Partee, Courtney/Knezovich, Kyle, 203 Cherry St., Bluffton, $85,000


At Home Investments, LLC to Wreede, Dina, 233 E. Fourth St., Delphos, $280,000

Delphian Social Club to Pohlman Property 12, 303-335 N. Main St., Delphos, $154,500

Ostendorf, Allisha A to Schwieterman, Ryan/Schwieterman, Brooke, 1301 Christina St., Delphos, $549,000


Ricker, Mark A/Ricker, Paula L to Nolte, Kelsey R, 121 E. Main St., Elida, $190,000


Hagen, Julia Executor/Haney, Catherine R to Vohra, Meena/Vohra, Vanita, 2216 Commercial Ave., Lima, $140,000

Herr, Jesse R to Mollett, Edgar Jr/Mollett, Edith, 2244 E. Fourth St., Lima, $119,900


Palte, Richard C/Palte, Richard C Attorney In Fact/Palte, Sandra K to Hauenstein, Joyce G, 6973 N. Dixie Highway, Bluffton, $20,000

Tabak Properties, LLC to Degler, Evan/Degler, Abby, 6930 N. Napoleon Road (1 acre), Columbus Grove, $230,000


Hall, Andrea to Hall, Justin T, 3596 Jane Parkway (half interest), Lima, $78,200

Kuntz, Helen to Vernier, Arianna, 3340 Shawnee Road, Lima, $220,000

Murphy, Jason/Murphy, Sharla to McDonald, Corey B, 2630 Snowberry Lane, Lima, $214,000

Myers Dental Laboratories, Inc. to KDM Real Estate Investments, LLC, 3520 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $65,000

Pondview Estates, Ltd to Wanat, Michael D/Wanat, Courtney L, 4571 and 4597 Karif Circle, Lima, $45,000


Kirkhoff, Michael W II/Kirkhoff, Trudie to Hardesty, Troy, Oakland Avenue, Spencerville, $2,700

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