Sertoma donates $10,000 to Lima for shelter house renovations

LIMA — The Lima Sertoma Club has donated $10,000 to aid in renovations for a shelter house at Faurot Park. A place where an ice skating used to exist is now home to a pond where community members rest, have fires and fish. The check was presented to the City of Lima Parks, Recreation and Forestry Division Wednesday afternoon at the mayors press conference.

Division of Parks Deputy Director Ric Stolly weighed in on the donation.

“It is (the donation) going to the parks division for the enhancement of the shelter facility,” said Stolly. “It was built actually 63 years ago. We’re going to do some enhancement of the patio area and the plaza area. We plan to put in some benches, fishing rail and it’s going to be a great space for people to go to.”

This is not the first time Sertoma has given to the city. When the shetler was built, Sertoma donated the exact same amount. The hope of the project is to update the space for the community.

“It’s a space that needs a lot of attention right now,” said Stolly. “This is something that has been on our list for a while and something we have been working towards. Until Sertoma stepped up and said we can help with this and make it happen it would have just gone (undone) for another year or two. We are just so very pleased that Sertoma is a part of again helping us to enhance the space.”

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