Lima to install new lighting throughout the city

LIMA — The City of Lima is shedding a new light all over town. At the mayor’s press conference Wednesday afternoon, the city announced a plan to utilize $350,000 to enhance lighting.

Mayor Sharetta Smith weighed in on the project at the conference.

“Safe and livable neighborhoods was one of the top priorities that was identified in the Better Together plan,” said Smith. “We know from research and talking with neighbors that the presence of lighting goes a long way with both the perception of crime as well as actual crime occurring.”

The city plans to install several different lights including cobra-style lights and decorative street lights.

“Today, we are announcing the first set of locations where we are going to be increasing streetlights throughout the city,” said Smith. “There are 10 locations where we were putting in the cobra-style LED streetlights to increase safety and there are two locations where we’re going to continue the path of the decorative lighting throughout the city.”

According to a recent press release, the lighting will be installed at various locations to address crime, improve safety at railroads and school crossings and aid in preventing pedestrian crashes. The release also said the installations will take place in October and November of this year.

Lighting will be added to the locations listed below:

• 751 E. 4th St. by Lima Apartments

• 460 S. Shawnee St. to improve safety at the railroad underpass/bypass

• 602 W. Robb Ave. for pedestrian safety

• 700 Harrison Ave. near Meat City Drive-Thru convenience store

• 801 E. 4th St. for pedestrian safety

• 1140 S. Union St. to address crime

• 113 S. Metcalf St. to address crime

• 700 S. Broadway St. to address crime and improve safety at the school crossing

• 199 W. Vine St. to address crime

• 101 W. Robb Ave. for pedestrian safety

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