State Bank encourages entrepreneurs, small businesses

LIMA — For growing and new business owners there is no time like the present. According to Senior Vice President of State Bank Andy Farley, new business owners typically launch their ideas in the seasons of spring and summer. In honor of Small Business Month, State Bank held an informational luncheon for entrepreneurs in the area. Resources from across the region including the Toledo Chamber of Commerce joined the event to share information on how businesses can get started and thrive.

Farley weighed in on the event Tuesday afternoon.

“The idea for today was to get as much information out to small business entrepreneurs as possible on the type of financing that they could receive for their business,” said Farley. “It sounds like everybody thinks you just go to the bank and get a loan. Well, no, there’s all kinds of things to help you. We (banks) don’t consider these people our competition. I consider them my partner because what I can’t do, they can do and sometimes they won’t do things without me.”

Many regional entities joined to share information ranging from SBA Loans Programs to Minority Business Enterprise Certifications and Consultation. Ebony Carter from the Toledo Chamber of Commerce shared how small business owners can receive certification. Carter also shared that although she resides in a different area, the chamber in Toledo is willing to expand its reach to the Lima region.

“As the young lady from Toledo said, you need a couple of good sources of information,” said Farley. “Whether that be your bank, your business banker, small business economic development departments through a Small Business Development Center, through the Chamber or through the county. You need contacts at those places to really make sure you’re not just out there on your own.”

The informational luncheon was not a one time event. Farley said spring is the time when he hosts meetings for those interested in growing their business. Like the many entities that shared a message of hope to business owners, Farley encouraged community members to seek the help they are looking for to grow their business.

”I want to make sure that people have the information to help them fund that small business that they want to do,” said Farley.

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