Mock crash affects Ottoville students

OTTOVILLE — A mock crash, a simulated event designed to show high school students the dangers and consequences of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol was held at Ottoville High School on Friday for students from Ottoville and Fort Jennings.

The mock crash involves staging a realistic car crash scene. complete with damaged vehicles, students portraying injured or deceased passengers, and emergency responders performing a rescue operation. Friday’s mock crash made vivid the serious risks of driving while impaired and encouraged safe and responsible behavior on prom night.

Justin Laudick with the Ottoville EMS said the mock crash “was to raise awareness for both drunk and distracted driving, especially around prom season. It’s kind of a hot topic with kids going out and having a late night away from their parents with no supervision. So we’re hoping to make an impact to the point where they make better decisions.”

Volunteer Jason Swick told the students, “This concern is not only for us as first responders because we don’t want to deal with this. Your family, your parents, your friends, you got to think about all of them too. Many young adults don’t know the seriousness of a crash like this.”

The students were advised to be aware of the time. The time from the accident to the arrival of first responders. Then the arrival of medical help. Students were told that from Ottoville, it is a 30 minute drive to the nearest hospital in Lima. The weather prevented the Life Flight helicopter from being able to assist in this accident.

Some students reacted when the mother of one of the simulated victims arrived on the scene and discovered one of the fatalities was her son. The mock crash for prom affected students in different ways. It vividly showed to all the dangers of impaired driving, hopefully encouraging responsible driving habits.

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Dean Brown
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