Celebrating Our Spirit: Businesses bring community experience

LIMA — The region is filled with local cafes, breweries and wineries that produce right here in Ohio.

Local coffee shops such as The Meeting Place on Market, 220. W. Market St., Lima, and the Vibe Coffeehouse & Café, 311 E. Market St., Suit 107, Lima, prioritize creating an experience for lovers of coffee.

The owner of Vibe Coffeehouse & Café, Carlton McLellan, weighed in on the inspiration for making this space. McLellan said he works primarily in diplomacy and international affairs. Traveling the world for his career he spent much of his time in coffee shops around the world. The Lima native decided to bring the same “vibe” to his hometown.

”I have spent so much time of my career in coffee shops that I have always wanted to have my own where I could bring a similar experience to the place where I lived,” McLellan said. “That is the inspiration for me. Doing it in my hometown, where I am no longer a resident, I am back and forth all the time visiting family. I am always in Lima, and I wanted to bring this type of spirit to my hometown so our community can experience the rest of the world through coffee.”

While at Vibe, McLellan said customers experience a sense of community, inspiration and creativity.

“What I find most rewarding when I visit coffee shops is the feeling that I get when I walk into a coffee house I always get a feeling of something,” McLellan said. “Typically, it’s a feeling of inspiration, like I am inspired by what is happening around me. It is always a sense of community, and creativity is everywhere in a coffeehouse. From what they put on the walls to what kind of events are happening at any given moment to the way they express and have coffee. That is my inspiration and passion, and that is what I want people to leave Vibe with.”

McLellan also said the owners decided on the name before “Vibe” was trending. In 2017, they were inspired to create a place with an atmosphere that would inspire all who came to visit. McLellan also said he loves the other local shops such as the Meeting Place, which inspires others as well.

“I love how the atmosphere of a coffee shop encourages community and provides a platform for meeting people and discussing ideas,” said the Meeting Place owner, Jennifer Brogee. “In 2003, Lima didn’t have a coffee shop. I had worked in three different gourmet coffee houses during college, and I had majored in business. I wanted to bring that atmosphere to Lima. My family agreed to join me and provided investment, their own creativity, and support.”

Outskirts Brewery in Lima and 1820 BrewWerks in Kalida are local breweries. According to its website, 1820 BrewWerks partnered with Barley 5 for grain and transformed a home brewery into a hometown place.

Five Vines Wineries and Sycamore Lake Winery are two wineries that grow grapes in their own vineyards and press the grapes until they become wine.

In surrounding areas, there are a host of local businesses created to inspire others and growth in the community.


Plenty of foods, items and ideas are created right here in the Lima region. Celebrating Our Spirit looks at those organizations that make the area such a vibrant place to live, work and play.

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