Ohio Theatre owners encourage Spartan drama students

LIMA — Michael Bouson and Joe Correll, owners of The Ohio Theatre, have had experience with acting and working with actors. Correll received his BFA in acting from the University of Connecticut, and performed in many plays after that. Bouson received his BA in theater from Miami University. Both have experienced how live entertainment can transform lives. They met with drama students at Lima Senior High School to work on their upcoming Shakespeare performance.

Bouson said, “When they asked us to come and work with them we jumped at the chance.”

Correll chimed in, “We love Shakespeare. We love it.”

The two experienced thespians encouraged the students to work at their craft. They encouraged the students to understand the language. Actors were told to pay attention to the iambic pentameter and the rhyme schemes found in the dialogue.

Students were told to understand their character and the relationships with the other characters. Understanding characters helps present a convincing performance.

The drama students were told to pay attention to the rhythm and flow of the language. At one time encouraging the dramatists to rap the lines, practicing different vocal inflections until a natural and effective delivery was achieved.

Physicality is also essential in Shakespearean acting. Students did exercises in which they paid attention to posture, movements, and gestures.

The Shakespeare 4.0 is going to be presented on March 10 and March 11 at 7 p.m. at the Lima Senior auditorium. The play consists of four shortened Shakespeare plays.

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