Auglaize County awarded funding for demolition

AUGLAIZE COUNTY — Buildings that were once full of life and purpose are now being demolished to build something new. On Dec. 6, Governor Mike DeWine awarded more than 42 counties through the Ohio Building Demolition and Site Revitalization program to help with blighted properties.

The Auglaize County Commissioners were awarded a total of $904,612 for nine projects across the County.

According to a press release from DeWine, the Auglaize County Board of Commissioners is reportedly planning to use a portion of the funding to demolish blighted structures on the property of the wastewater treatment plant in St. Marys.

The goal is to create space for the plant’s expansion.

This is not the first distribution of funding through the grant program. On Oct. 28, DeWine awarded 32 counties in the State of Ohio funding for demolition. Allen and Putnam counties were awarded $500,000 each for demolition. Allen County had a total of seven projects set for demolition. Putnam County had a total of nine projects.

The hope of the program is not only to tear down older buildings but also to restore communities by making room.

“We’re not just tearing down dilapidated buildings, we’re helping to make communities across the state better places to start a business, raise a family and build a bright future,” said DeWine. “This isn’t just a win for 42 counties, it is a win for all of Ohio.”

The program is set to help fund 2,277 projects, not including the 825 that were funded in October.

Lt. Governor Jon Husted said the funding is helping communities transform forgotten properties into productive spaces that can once again play an important role in growing the economy.

According to their website, the program will award almost $150 million for projects throughout the state of Ohio.

Properties located in Auglaize County set for demolition:

• 106 S. Main St., Buckland

• 410 Defiance Road, St. Marys

• 14500 St. Marys River Road, St. Marys

• 04512 Shipman Road, St. Marys

• 105 E. Bremen, Village of New Knoxville

• 14274 Moulton-Fort Amanda Road, Wapakoneta

• 7 S. Water St., Wapakoneta

• 311 E. Auglaize St., Wapakoneta

• 101 E. Wapakoneta St., Waynesfield

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