Last defendant in bar fight gets 5 years prison

LIMA — The last person involved in a January bar fight that left a man with facial fractures requiring helicopter transportation to a Toledo hospital was sentenced to five years in prison Monday afternoon.

Tysheen Polk, 26, was sentenced on second-degree felonious assault of Bradin Fisher-Jones outside J’s American Pub on January 22. He will receive 83 days of jail time credit.

Assistant Allen County Prosecuting Attorney Kyle Thines showed the court a series of videos that were shown at each sentencing for the individuals involved. In these videos, Polk is the first person to attack Fisher-Jones, but backs off after a few moments.

He returns after the others who were convicted were kicking the man and stomping on his head until someone stops them. Polk can be seen wearing an ankle monitor during the incident, as he was waiting to be sentenced on another case and was not supposed to be at the bar or drinking alcohol.

According to court documents, Lima police officers were dispatched to the bar in reference to a large fight after receiving a 911 call from Jordan Wehrly, who at the time was an off-duty patrolman with the Spencerville Police Department. Wehrly has since left that position.

Upon their arrival, officers found Fisher-Jones, whose face was covered in blood, outside the bar.

Polk told Allen County Common Pleas Court Judge Terri Kohlrieser that he had attempted to act as a “peacemaker” in the fight but attacked Fisher-Jones after it appeared he would strike Janicqua Bailey, who got five years for her role in the attack. Polk said he became angry after Wehrly struck his cousin, who fell to the concrete and hit his head, so he went to hurt the victim, who had been defending Wehrly in his efforts to arrest multiple people.

Polk said Fisher-Jones repeatedly called multiple people racial slurs and as a result of his “anger management problems” he took the situation “a little too far.”

Polk’s public defender, Carroll Creighton, said the man was provoked after watching a police officer misuse his power. He said he was influenced by his consumption of alcohol and regrets his actions.

Kohlrieser said Polk has a prior adult and juvenile record and he shouldn’t have been at the bar in the first place.

“You weren’t even part of that (fight) initially; you jumped in,” Kohlrieser said.