Rose arrested; sentencing to be rescheduled

LIMA — A Lima man convicted of holding his girlfriend hostage and assaulting her in January 2021 and who violated his parole this month was arrested at his sentencing hearing, which did not go forward after he became angry at his representation.

Bryant Rose, 37, was convicted Oct. 20 by a jury of holding Janiece Spencer hostage in a bathroom and assaulting her at a party the two threw on Jan. 28 and 29.

The woman testified that Rose trapped her in the bathroom, hit her in the head with a gun and bit her under her right eye. Photos of these injuries were shown to the jury during the trial.

A jury declined to convict Rose of firearm specifications on the charges.

Rose eventually let the woman leave, and he went outside and was arrested about 90 minutes later.

On Monday, Rose appeared in court after he had been wanted by CrimeStoppers for testing positive for marijuana and cocaine while on probation, then failing to appear. Public Defender Carroll Creighton filled in for Steve Chamberlain, who was sick, but Rose told the man he would not allow him to represent him.

Creighton had previously represented the man in a private capacity, but Rose, unsatisfied with his work, fired him. He came back Monday in his capacity as a public defender.

Rose was arrested on his bond violation and his sentencing will be rescheduled.