Lima plans for Young Lungs signs

LIMA — Many families, friends and coworkers will be gathered throughout this holiday week including community members in the City of Lima.

The Lima City Council held its bi-monthly meeting on Monday evening. Council members passed several resolutions to continue to walk in the vision for the city.

City council passed an ordinance for the City of Lima to apply, receive and spend funds to purchase Young Lungs at Play signage. The hope of the signage is to encourage a tobacco free-environment in outdoor recreation and parks. Mayor Sharetta Smith said signage will cost around $1,400 and will be funded by Bon Secours Mercy Health-St. Rita’s.

An ordinance was also passed for the West Ohio Community Action Partnership (WOCAP) to continue to provide assistance for homeowners and tenants. The program was created to combat COVID-19 by providing emergency assistance. Although the contract was set to end in 2022, there are still funds available. Council members approved an extension until 2023. The program will be able to continue to help those in need of assistance.

Council members authorized Mayor Sharetta Smith to begin a contract with Ben’s Construction. According to the communications letter, the contract will allow Lima to release condemned properties to the contractor immediately after the legal process is complete.

The city authorized the purchase of a high-service pump for the water treatment plant. The pump will come from Flowserve US Inc. It is set to cost no more than $273,531.

In just a few days, the nation will be celebrating a day of thanks. Council members reminded the community to think of the many blessings they have been given and to treat each other with kindness.

“Remember what it is about,” said Seventh Ward Council Member Jon Neeper. “Giving thanks for what you have. There are a lot of people out there that are in need of some giving. You can help out in any way to anyone. This is the season to do that.”

First Ward Council Member, Todd Gordon, weighed in on the holiday as well.

“I wanted to say if you know someone who is out there by themselves and doesn’t really have any family, try to remember to knock on their door,” said Gordon. “Try to remember to knock on their door and see them. That is important. This country is not perfect but I am grateful for it and I am grateful for a lot of the rights that we do have. We want to make sure we keep others in mind on Thanksgiving.”

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