Lima man declared competent in alleged assault of mother

LIMA — A Lima man was declared competent to stand trial Monday morning for allegedly assaulting his mother in September.

Travis Friend, 21, is accused of assaulting the woman on Sept. 18 with a weapon, and is charged with two counts of felonious assault — a felony of the second degree.

Assistant Public Defender Steve Chamberlain said Monday that before the assault, Friend had consumed marijuana that he was unaware contained another substance that caused him to become violent. Chamberlain said with medication, Friend is now mentally stable.

Chamberlain said Monday that Friend is pleading not guilty to the charges in the indictment. He also requested the man’s bond be reduced so he can return home to his family and work while on house arrest.

Chamberlain said Friend’s mother wants him back home, but Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Mariah Cunningham said the state would object to this due to the “serious nature” of the alleged offense.

Allen County Common Pleas Court Judge Terri Kohlrieser said she is wary of allowing Friend to return home to his mother, given that he smoked marijuana routinely which could have been or could be in the future laced with another substance. She said she will take Chamberlain’s request under advisement after he provides places other than his mother’s home where Friend could stay.

Kohlrieser will rule on the request after this review. Friend is scheduled to appear in court for a pre-trial on Dec. 1 at 8 a.m.