Around Ohio in 15 days: Ohio Supreme Court candidates explain goals

LIMA — Ohio Supreme Court candidates Justice Jennifer Brunner (D), Judge Terri Jamison (D) and Judge Marilyn Zayas (D) toured the state of Ohio in just 15 days. The candidates stopped in Allen County on Monday evening before getting back on the road.

On Nov. 8, Brunner will be running against Justice Sharon Kennedy (R) for Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. Jamison will be running against Justice Pat Fischer (R). Judge Marilyn Zayas will be running against Justice Pat DeWine (R).

The three candidates are traveling to more than 60 counties just before the election.

Brunner said they began this tour so community members could see what the Ohio Supreme Court could look like. She currently serves as the Justice on the Ohio Supreme Court. Brunner said she will rule fairly and impartially, protect the rule of law and safeguard rights.

“There will be party affiliation on the ballot for the first time in over 100 years for the (Ohio) Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals,” said Brunner. “People ask, ‘What do you think about that?’ That was the decision of the legislature and we will live with it because we respect the other branches of the government. The silver lining is that there are people now who will be informed if party affiliation matters to them so they can vote in a more meaningful way according to their wishes and desires.”

As the daughter of a coal mine worker, Jamison said she understands hard work. She joined the field as a young adult, started her own business, then decided to become an attorney. She ran to become a judge in 2012 and now serves in the Franklin County Court of Appeals.

“I bring a lot of experience to things that affect labor,” said Jamison. “Unemployment, workers’ compensation and all of those things that affect you, I understand. We have been busy meeting people trying to get our message out so that people know that they have qualified candidates that are running for these seats and that we understand what it is like to be working class.”

Like Brunner, Zayas hopes to be an independent and impartial voice on the Ohio Supreme Court. She currently serves as a judge on the First District Court of Appeals.

“At the end of the day, people want good people who will really serve them,” said Zayas. “If you have an important issue or a case your family is dealing with, it is all about who you trust.”

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